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Catherine Forrest
Created 07 Sep 2020
  • Thirty-Second Rule
    30 Jun 2022 2 1
    Welcome to your last Shelf Life of June and possibly (?) last exhortation to read “Assistance” in The Quiet Reader magazine’s new sixth edition, which is only new for one more day (today) before I wil...
  • Let’s Tok About It
    28 Jun 2022 4 1
    Welcome to your biweekly “Assistance” Is Out Now in the New Sixth Edition of The Quiet Reader Magazine promotional newsletter, which also contains writing content below the fold. I hope you read and e...
  • Hold Them and Fold Them
    23 Jun 2022 3 1
    Welcome to summer, a season I enjoy as much for the nostalgia as for the heat. Would that it were 85 degrees or more all the time. I would probably be even more comfortable at 85 Celsius. I’m always c...
  • Momentum and Inertia
    21 Jun 2022 2 1
    We’re in the back third of June now, friends. July is creeping up in us and the second of that month marks the midway point of the calendar year. Are you halfway done all the things you wanted to do t...
  • Writing for Dummies
    16 Jun 2022 3 0
    Listen: I am going to keep telling you about my flash story, “Assistance,” out now in the new sixth edition of The Quiet Reader magazine, until every single one of you has read it. Whoever is holding ...
  • Look for the Helpers
    14 Jun 2022 2 0
    Before I Get Started I would like to cordially invite you to read my flash fiction story, “Assistance,” which is out now in the new sixth edition of The Quiet Reader magazine. I’m proud of the amount ...
  • Start Me Up
    09 Jun 2022 2 0
    Top of the morning to those who reached out after Tuesday’s Shelf Life to let me know you look forward to reading my short story, “Assistance,” when it comes out in The Quiet Reader magazine later thi...
  • Hyphen Mighty
    07 Jun 2022 3 1
    Quick Note— Before I get going, it’s my pleasure to let you know that my short story, “Assistance,” will appear in The Quiet Reader magazine later this month. Make sure you visit them now and familiar...
  • Don’t Overthink It
    02 Jun 2022 3 1
    Get it? Just do it. It’s a Nike joke. Hi, welcome to my biweekly publication about overthinking things, in which I overthink a writing-related topic for you reach Tuesday and Thursday. Today’s install...
  • Concede to Your Reader
    31 May 2022 1 0
    Today’s Shelf Life is about writing, which is, you know, great, that’s what you come here for. But it’s about a different type of writing than I usually write about: Persuasive writing. Usually I thin...
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