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Waste no time arguing what a man should be. Be one. Retvrn to Tradition. Husband - Promoting Sainthood 🇻🇦 - Instilling Authenticity
Created 22 Mar 2021
  • The Martyr-Pontiffs and the Catholic Counter Revolution
    26 Apr 2022 2 0
    Two bright stars appear this day on the Ecclesial Cycle, proclaiming the glory of our Jesus, the Conquerer of death. Again, they are two Pontiffs, and Martyr-Pontiffs. Cletus leads us to the very comm...
  • Little Saints, Vibes with Aquinas and the enigmatic Eric Genuis
    24 Apr 2022 1 2
    Men, Good morning to all of you - (still) HAPPY EASTER and Quasimodo Sunday! I have taken a bit of a hiatus from writing due to some life changes and events (ALL WONDERFUL), but I am back on the saddl...
  • The Saintmaker Catholic Life Planner
    08 Apr 2022
    Use my link or he promo code below for 10% off at checkout. Promo code: CATHOLICMANHOOD When The Saint Maker reached out to me to review their catholic li...
  • Pelayo of Asturias and the cradle of Catholic Spain
    06 Apr 2022 2 0
    Men, The story begins in 711 AD — Dark Ages Spain, when Muslims from North Africa have invaded the entire Iberian Peninsula. Legends tell us of Pelayo (Latin ‘Pelagius’) a Visigoth warrior who fought ...
  • First Saturdays and Grasping the Latin Mass
    27 Mar 2022
    When God calls, listen Good afternoon, gentlemen. I come to you a little late this Sunday and hope you are having a most holy rest. Upon arrival at St. Martin of Tours, my home parish, I was quickly g...
  • Ep. 2 : Virtuous Friendship
    20 Mar 2022
    Many of us can count ourselves lucky to have friends. How much of a grace is it to count another human being as one of your companions in life? VIRTUOUS FRIENDSHIP! This is not to take away value from...
  • Providence shines upon me
    20 Mar 2022
    Grumblings and Blessings Men, Welcome to my latest edition of Sunday Brew! This morning, I am writing from the kitchen table of my parents’ house. The home I grew up in. You’re probably wondering how ...
  • Gaelic Football - Catholicism's favorite pastime
    17 Mar 2022 0 2
    Finding out about the beautiful, brutal and authentically Catholic sport of Gaelic Football really couldn’t have come at a better time. Well I suppose I could have found out about this Irish sport on ...
  • Prayer knocks, Fasting obtains, Mercy receives
    13 Mar 2022
    Springing Forward Men, One thing has become painfully apparent to me. We have lost a precious hour of sleep. Clock’s have sprung forward and it makes me realize that there is not a moment to waste. Mu...
  • The Catholic Manhood App!
    10 Mar 2022
    Men, I am feeling some real optimism today. Catholic Manhood now has an iPhone and iPad app! Well, it’s not exactly a Catholic Manhood app — it’s a Substack app. But it serves as the same thing. I kno...
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