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Marc Cenedella
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Created 11 Dec 2020
  • Stolen elections
    03 Feb 2022 307 337
    You’ve read about voter suppression and the threats to democracy. You know that one party is trying to steal elections with unfair practices. You know that voters are being ignored and The New York Ti...
  • The man who tweeted the future
    31 Jan 2022 6 5
    Two years ago on January 30, 2020, Balaji Srinavasan tweeted some remarkable predictions: Balaji Srinivasan @balajis Going viral What if this coronavirus is the pandemic that public health people have...
  • Embrace the suck
    28 Jan 2022 2 1
    In “How I got rid of all my emails,” I used ‘do, delete or delegate’ to get through my inbox. And in “Snooze button” I shared 5 keyboard shortcuts to speed your read. Here are five more tips to master...
  • Radio Clues Nymph - how to always win at Wordle
    26 Jan 2022 3 1
    Sweeping the country like a Buffalo snowstorm, Wordle is a word game that has been celebrated in WSJ, NY Times, Slate, Smithsonian and many others. It’s a sweet story of an engineer who wanted to make...
  • Star-Spangled Whitney Houston
    24 Jan 2022 142 14
    Always at the top of lists of best national anthem performances, Whitney Houston’s heady, rousing version was performed 31 years ago this week at Super Bowl XXV on January 27th, 1991. I was happy to f...
  • Does success change people?
    19 Jan 2022 5 2
    Does success change people? Does hitting your career goals, your financial goals, your life goals, turn you into somebody better than you were before? Or somebody worse? Was the best version of you ju...
  • ‘Tell them about the dream, Martin!’
    17 Jan 2022 329 14
    It felt like the most important day of his life. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew that the March on Washington would be a special chance to get the nation to pay attention. To wake us up to the denial...
  • The snooze button
    14 Jan 2022 3 2
    I receive over 2,000 emails per week, yet still manage to run Zero Inbox. By the end of the week, or every two weeks, my two work email accounts and my personal email inbox are all down to zero emails...
  • The office is closing.
    12 Jan 2022 2 0
    I was surprised when we released our Ladders Quarterly Remote Work Report last week. Two years into the pandemic, I expected the growth rate in remote work would slow down. Or at least level out. Inst...
  • Once in a lifetime
    10 Jan 2022 649 68
    Every 80 years - in 2021, 1941, 1861, and 1781 - America has faced a crisis. Each crisis changed our economy and our society in deep and long-lasting ways, that forever afterwards split our memories o...
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