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Created 30 Oct 2021
  • The Arrival of the Beggar-King
    05 Apr 2022 4 1
    Illustration: Rick Szuecs (source: Gustave Doré) I’m hoping to do my reflections this week, perhaps as early as tomorrow, but I wanted to share a couple of things today with those of you who are paid ...
  • In the Absence, We're Re-membered (Pt 2)
    30 Mar 2022 5 1
    A couple of clarifying remarks on yesterday’s reflections—plus a prayer request.
  • In the Absence, We're Re-membered
    29 Mar 2022 7 0
    Unscripted reflections on the texts for Sunday + a quick health update.
  • Shame, Hiddenness, and the Pressures of the Spirit
    25 Mar 2022 12 4
    “The Prodigal Son” (1909) Gwen Raverat Unscripted (and relatively brief) reflections on the texts for Sunday.
  • Health Update
    22 Mar 2022 50 21
    Let me say right up front a deeply-felt thank you for your prayers, your gifts, your words of encouragement and support. I can feel them carrying me, carrying us toward healing. I’m serious when I say...
  • Prayer Request
    16 Mar 2022 37 33
    For those who haven’t yet heard, I had a stroke on Friday morning, followed by what seems to have been one or two mini-strokes on Sunday morning (after sleeping pretty much all day on Saturday). I do ...
  • Befriending the Cross
    10 Mar 2022 6 0
    Unscripted reflections on the texts for Sunday. Lent gracefully affords us time to deny ourselves through fasting and resisting evil thoughts, but it also teaches us to befriend the cross, urging us g...
  • "True Prayer Breaks Spells"
    09 Mar 2022 4 2
    In this reflection, primarily in dialog with Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and Martin Buber, I consider what it means for us to pray Israel’s Psalms—the same prayers Jesus learned from his mother and taught...
  • Q&A Thread: Theology & the Arts
    07 Mar 2022 5 7
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  • You Are the Devil and the Devil is Bad
    04 Mar 2022 9 2
    Unscripted reflections on the texts for this week.
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