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Created 03 Nov 2019

I Hate the Senate Bill and We Need It to Pass

15 Nov 2022 42 10
(Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin (WI), the only openly-lesbian senator in American history, pictured at the podium, has shepherded the Senate’s version of the Respect for Marriage Act; image credit: ...

The Junk Drawer -- Vol. II

29 Oct 2022 33 4
(image credit: Johnrob // Getty) Welcome back to The Junk Drawer! This is a regular feature of the blog in which I toss up a smorgasbord of thoughts and musings for your consideration, as well as pers...

January 17th, 2049

20 Oct 2022 55 6
(image credit: Michael Duva // Getty) [Hey there! This blog will always be free to read, but it’s also how I pay my bills. And it’s also my birthday week. So, if you like what you read, please conside...

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