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Created 27 Oct 2020
  • Dear Sugar Letter #18
    02 May 2022 62 9
    “My Grandchild,”1865, albumen print, Julia Margaret Cameron. Cameron was a 48-year-old British mother of six in 1863 when her daughter, also named Julia, gave her a camera for Christmas. Of that gift,...
  • Heart Screws and Happenings
    01 May 2022 141 16
    A walk, 1874, by Giuseppe de Nittis, oil on canvas. Credit: DEA Picture Library. Hello friends, If you’re a Dear Sugar Letters subscriber, your April letter will arrive in your inbox tomorrow or the n...
  • Dear Sugar Letter #17
    01 Apr 2022 93 19
    Grammostola rosea “Chilean rose tarantula,” Svetlana Makarova, Ukraine Dear Sugar, My girlfriend left me, my heart is shattered, and your column played a big part in that. She ended our relationship a...
  • Keep Walking
    21 Mar 2022 180 59
    On the PCT in southern California in the first week of my hike. I took this photograph myself by propping my ridiculously heavy camera on a boulder. Hello friends, I woke this morning to a text messag...
  • Dear Sugar Letter #15/16
    01 Mar 2022 81 11
    Anonymous arm at The Verdi Club, February 14, 2012 Hello dear subscribers, It was ten years ago this month that I revealed my identity as Sugar. I’d been writing the column anonymously for nearly two ...
  • Dear Sugar Letter
    01 Feb 2022 147 32
    “Questioning Women Pose on the Beach,” c. 1925, Credit: Kirn Vintage Stock My freeloader brother milked my mother of her assets before she died. Do I have to have a relationship with him? Is it possib...
  • Dear Sugar Letter #14
    01 Jan 2022 165 22
    Photo credit: Brian Lindstrom Dear Sugar, You cracked something open inside of me in your last newsletter when you asked what do you want to let go of and what do you want to bring in? Those two simpl...
  • You Have Arrived At The Fire
    21 Dec 2021 125 28
    Mariano Salvador Maella, “Winter,” 1805-1806. Oil on canvas. Photo credit: Christophel Fine Art Hello friends, Happy solstice! It’s one of my favorite days/nights of the year. Growing up in the woods ...
  • Letters of Christmases Past
    05 Dec 2021 70 11
    My cat Oscar under the tree. Hello friends! It’s well established that you’re more likely to cry than laugh while reading the letters people write to Sugar, but every now and then I get a funny letter...
  • Dear Sugar Letter #13
    01 Dec 2021 124 20
    Photo by Hunter Bliss. Dear Sugar, I did a bad thing. Or at least, a bad thing according to my father. I decided not to take over the small business my grandfather founded nearly fifty years ago, whic...
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