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Weekly analysis of US-China policy and translations of Chinese-language sources on tech, politics and the broader economy
Created 17 Dec 2018
  • Tweets of the Month + Student Essay Content + Nuptials + Madrid + Paris
    09 Jun 2022 7 1
    First off, a programming announcement. I’m having my wedding this Saturday so will be taking off from publishing for the next three weeks! The ChinaTalk podcast feed will be running some best-of episo...
  • Jiaolong: Sichuan's Privately-run City
    03 Jun 2022 22 3
    The rapid urbanization of China since the beginning of the reform and opening-up era is rightly seen as one of the megatrends of the 20th and 21st centuries. The main urbanization pattern of local gov...
  • A Ukrainian in Beijing (Far & Near Crosspost)
    01 Jun 2022 6 0
    Hi there, For this edition I wanted to spotlight the Far & Near newsletter, a fantastic new substack this week celebrating its first anniversary. It focuses in particular on Chinese visual artists, in...
  • Why is China building up its nuclear arsenal?
    18 May 2022 13 3
    China has been building up its nuclear arsenal more quickly over the past few years than it has in decades. While it remains significantly smaller than those of the US and Russia, its expansion hasn’t...
  • Tweets of the Month + Work For ChinaTalk!
    08 May 2022 7 0
    ChinaTalk is hiring! I’m looking for 1-2 folks to join Callan and me part-time. Here are google forms to apply for the editorial and business manager positions. Interviews will begin in mid-May. Aurel...
  • What I see from my Shanghai Apartment
    03 May 2022 24 1
    The following is a photo essay by Christian Petersen-Clausen on his experience in Shanghai. It’s a rainy day in Shanghai on this, the twenty-sixth day of my lockdown. As documentary filmmaker, I am no...
  • Inside Shanghai: Questions, Lessons and Silver Linings
    21 Apr 2022 12 0
    As the lockdown in Shanghai continues, in this post we’re sharing two personal essays from ChinaTalk readers on their lockdown experiences. Community in the Xiaoqu By Philip Róin, China reporter for D...
  • Free Asia, Red China and James A Michener + Tech Policy Fellowship
    14 Apr 2022 4 0
    Three tech blips at the top. First off, a really exciting new DC-based early career fellowship for folks interested in S&T policy just launched. Endless Frontier Fellowship @EFFellowship *taps mic* We...
  • Best Tweets of Feb and March
    03 Apr 2022 6 0
    First, some odds and ends. Rhodium is hiring its second dedicated tech analyst. If you have some professional experience and want to hang out with me researching, writing and talking about China’s tec...
  • Only a Financial NATO Can Win the Economic War
    01 Apr 2022 8 3
    The piece below I wrote with Matthew Klein, the founder of the Overshoot research service and the co-author of Trade Wars Are Class Wars, as well as David Talbot, a former international economics advi...
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