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Exclusive fiction too out-there for prime time, by the author of Fight Club. Writing lessons. Lurid back story.
Created 10 Aug 2021
  • You're Invited: New Study Hall Tonight
    08 Apr 2022 19 16
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  • A Writing Prompt #5
    07 Apr 2022 26 53
    The newspaper I worked for went belly-up, and all I got was this lousy T shirt… First, let’s talk about cultural precedent. To me it’s related to legal precedent, meaning that unless a book or film or...
  • A Postcard from Tour: Los Angeles
    06 Apr 2022 43 418
    More tales from the road… On a book tour your publisher usually books a “media guide” in each market. This is someone likely to meet you at the airport as you arrive, holding a copy of your new book. ...
  • Try This: Make the Incredible Mundane
    05 Apr 2022 55 125
    Prepare to be miserably disillusioned… In 2019 I spent much of the year in Los Angeles pitching ideas to streaming services and film studios. Yes, I pitched the Prayer story to everyone, including Dis...
  • Greener Pastures (30)
    04 Apr 2022 17 0
    In the Tavistock Barrens, Sam had knelt in that fly-buzzing, stagnant air. In a brushy clearing. A stuffy little room we’d found at the end of a long path, down a tunnel through thorns and brambles. A...
  • Thanks 4 the Thanks
    04 Apr 2022 46 40
    To Ian— Thank you for the very kind card and letter that arrived yesterday. If yours was among the Valentine’s boxes, I hope the chocolates arrived safely. In their way such packages are a metaphor fo...
  • Have You Read: Thurnley Abbey
    03 Apr 2022 34 31
    Perceval Landon First an admission… The first time I read this famous story, Thurnley Abbey, I hated it. Perceval Landon, the author, uses that Victorian technique of “putting a porch” on the story. T...
  • Gloves Off II
    03 Apr 2022 40 57
    As promised, here’s some feedback on a few of the stories posted to the Comments section this week… Thank you for posting links to your work. Each week I’ll choose a few to comment on. In most cases I...
  • Have You Read: The Destructors
    31 Mar 2022 47 50
    East Coast friends who got really top-notch educations read this in high school. I didn’t discover Graham Greene until after college. It’s not Minimalism. It’s classic Modernism, but it’s a good story...
  • Good News & Good News
    31 Mar 2022 49 56
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