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Exclusive fiction too out-there for prime time, by the author of Fight Club. Writing lessons. Lurid back story.
Created 10 Aug 2021
  • Consider This: Tableau Horror
    04 Jul 20221 day ago 2 0
    Maybe this is just a question of taste… Today we’re going to look at two novels. The first is The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons. The second is The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampir...
  • Greener Pastures (43)
    04 Jul 2022 4 0
    Mrs. Terry smelled terrible. She almost shimmered with an odor of latex and iodine and sweat. First Luthor and the Dog had gone to Revere Consolidated to see her in her classroom, but the handcuffs lo...
  • Try This: Lie to a Young Person
    04 Jul 2022 53 92
    Among the joys of growing old is that young people take what you say at face value. You = Witness To History. As long as it sounds vaguely accurate, young people will swallow it. Today I told someone ...
  • Try This: The Soapbox
    30 Jun 2022 59 74
    First a hat tip to Suzy Vitello… In workshop decades ago Suzy told me that she pictures herself as three different people. There’s Suzy of the present moment. There’s Suzy of three days ago. And there...
  • Workshop Tomorrow
    29 Jun 2022 40 99
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  • Greener Pastures (42)
    27 Jun 2022 13 0
    This writer is not Luthor. The night Three-Balls died, that Luthor wasn’t who I am today. Lived long enough, life is nothing if not revision. The writer of this, me, handcuffed to my destiny in a bed ...
  • Ephemera: Lunch
    23 Jun 2022 86 45
    My dog, Egg, sitting in the window seat at a nice place awaiting her lunch. Taken minutes ago. This weekend is expected to hit 96 degrees F. I look forward to being inside, to print the new book and l...
  • Voice Driven I
    21 Jun 2022 93 181
    First, an example of a plot-driven story… Just after I’d graduated from college, my father called to offer me a million dollars. He was a blue-collar guy working on the Burlington Northern Railroad, b...
  • Ephemera: Last Night
    20 Jun 2022 46 33
    The view from the kitchen yesterday evening… That’s Crown Point on the southern bank of the Columbia River. Thanks to my bad focusing job it looks like a cross between Maxfield Parrish and and Bob Ros...
  • Greener Pastures (41)
    20 Jun 2022 19 0
    Luthor phoned his dad to say he’d be staying over with War Dog that night. They needed a place to clean up, not just the dried blood of would-be fag bashers, but the evidence of dragging Mrs. Deel to ...
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