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Mark Anthony Signorelli
Created 07 Dec 2020
Reflections on Classical Education

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Down with the Research Paper
28 Nov 2022 4
A recent article by William Deresiewicz exposes the farce that is contemporary academia. What is interesting about Deresiewicz’ piece is the way he demonstrates that the ideological rigor of the unive...
A Timeless Course of Study, Part II
07 Nov 2022 4
The first part of this essay can be found here: A Timeless Course of Study, Part 1 ( Thanks for reading The Classical Corner! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. ...
A Timeless Course of Study, Part 1
20 Oct 2022 4 3
The rise of the individual, with all the political and philosophical connotations implied by this portentous phrase, has long been recognized as one of the great themes of modernity. Burkhardt identif...
A Secret Vigilance
26 Sep 2022 3
Summer is the time for leaping into waves, and no one leaps as heartily – and as recklessly – into things as a child. So it was that on a trip to the shore this summer, my daughter jumped endlessly in...
Doing Things Badly, and the Good That Comes of It
12 Sep 2022 6 3
Unless I am mistaken, it seems that the classical schooling phenomenon has been marked in recent years by a new variousness. As I have become acquainted with some of the different iterations of classi...
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