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Top Shelf, Low Brow is a biweekly newsletter that celebrates the entire spectrum of pop culture, from Arthouse to Housewives
Created 01 Dec 2020
  • 'Alter Ego' Is a Symbol of America's Frightening Future
    08 Oct 2021 • 10 min read • 2 0
    The phrase “uncanny valley” is thrown around a lot these days. We’ve nearly gotten to the point where two words that are used to describe something that is artificial or robotic in nature as eerily hu...
  • The Lindsay Lohan Fursona Art Can’t Hurt You
    05 Oct 2021 • 11 min read • 2 0
    Hi girlies! For starters, sorry for no Friday letter. I got my own schedule mixed up and thought the next one was scheduled for this week. Will have that treat out to you THIS Friday! Second, this edi...
  • Grimes Entering Her 'Lemonade' Era...
    28 Sep 2021 • 7 min read • 4 0
    Hello and welcome to the very first official Tuesday letter! This was formerly The Monday Letter, but due to consistent scheduling conflicts and efforts to try and balance my sleep schedule for once, ...
  • Monday Letters Are Moving to Tuesdays!
    27 Sep 2021 • 1 min read • 4 0
    how I write each edition…..cozy and 30,000 feet over Paris! Hi all! I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the week so far and enjoying a nice autumn breeze on top of the disgusting heat that still...
  • The Nails of Khloé Kaye, and More Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark
    21 Sep 2021 • 8 min read • 4 0
    Hi everyone! Happy first day of autumn to my northern hemisphere girlies. Greeting you on a Tuesday again this week, but had to extend a day to let the Friday letter breathe. How’re all of you doing? ...
  • The Remarkable Emotionality of Lil Nas X’s 'MONTERO'
    18 Sep 2021 • 11 min read • 5 0
    Lil Nas X wears Christian Cowan on the set of “THAT’S WHAT I WANT” On the eve of his long-awaited debut album MONTERO, just minutes before the 15-song project named after Lil Nas X’s real name was set...
  • Live from the Met Gala Bathroom Filled with Cigarette Smoke
    14 Sep 2021 • 7 min read • 4 0
    I’ll be honest with you, I almost canceled this week! What the hell has been happening out there? I’m really not sure. I know that’s my job but, listen, I’ve been extremely fatigued lately, leading me...
  • Who Wouldn't Risk It All for Oscar Isaac?
    06 Sep 2021 • 7 min read • 5 0
    Happy Labor Day to everyone in America and happy regular Monday to everyone else! It’s September which means I will be exclusively keeping St. Vincent’s MASSEDUCTION and Caroline Polachek’s Pang in ro...
  • I Tried Bella Hadid's New Passion Project Drink: Kin Euphorics
    03 Sep 2021 • 9 min read • 5 0
    Bella Hadid for Kin Euphorics, a non-alcoholic health beverage purported to give a blissful buzz and enhance brainpower. If there is one thing that I most certainly am, it’s highly susceptible to cele...
  • The 'Hot' to 'Dating Zoë Kravitz Hot' Pipeline
    31 Aug 2021 • 8 min read • 6 0
    Hi everyone, and hello to all of the new subscribers! Let’s get this out of the way: no, I’m not going to talk about a certain album by a certain person who once made “Dark Fantasy,” “Guilt Trip,” and...
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