Hi, It's Your Older Sister
Cris Pearlstein
Created 27 Jan 2022
about mom things, green things, reading things, writing things, cool things, and food things. But honestly, I really just like telling people what to do.

Latest Posts

12 Sep 2022 12 12
I first called myself a writer on a Friday night in September of 2019. Saying it out loud, to a stranger, made it feel real. It cemented this shift in my identity, a shift I had been manifesting since...
A New Home
28 Jul 2022 7 3
For the past two months I’ve been saying a lot of goodbyes and a lot of hellos. On May 26th my husband, daughter, and dog said goodbye to San Francisco, our home since the summer of 2019. We said good...
Hi, It's Your Older Sister
07 May 2022 6 8
It’s 8:46am and I’ve already been asked to look up the names of all the My Little Pony characters, to watch computer videos, to “look at this bunny”, to build a Lego lion, to toast a bagel with cream ...
A Mother Problem
02 May 2022 5 4
I just finished a writing class, where for one month I mined for memories. Every word, every prompt, every assignment was me digging deep into the folds of my brain to pull out what I could with all t...
Hi, it's your older sister...
05 Apr 2022 2
*originally published on Aug 24, 2021 via Squarespace Photo by Jon Tyson // The theme of my week. Let’s talk about rejection. Oof, it hurts, doesn’t it? And the worst part is that it can rear its ugly...

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