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Created 24 Nov 2020
  • Embedding literacy and reading across the curriculum
    30 Jun 2022
    Hello Curriculum Thinkers, First off, huge congratulations on getting your students through the first set of post covid exams. Very. Well. Done. 🙌 With them now behind you, you’ll be looking ahead to...
  • Subject leader groups
    23 Jun 2022
    Hello Curriculum Thinkers, 📝Is anyone interested in collaborating on a document, sharing common misconceptions? I have created an Excel spread sheet with a tab for each topic we teach. ❓How well has ...
  • Every subject deep dive under the new framework
    16 Jun 2022
    Hello, Curriculum Thinkers. Where’s great curriculum work happening? Who’s doing it? How can we make it easy for you to a) meet and b) learn from them? These three (and bit 😜) questions drive everyth...
  • Decolonising and improving diversity.
    09 Jun 2022
    Hello Curriculum Thinkers, Welcome back after a well deserved half term break. As the end of exam season approaches, you’ve probably got one eye on next year. What you want to improve. What you want t...
  • A little goes a long way
    26 May 2022
    Hello Curriculum Thinkers, Hope Week 2 of exams went well. All our fingers and toes have been crossed for you. 🤞 Stories from across the community of proud, smiling students bounding out of exam hall...
  • Four questions to ask about reading across the curriculum.
    19 May 2022
    Hello Curriculum Thinkers, It was fascinating to see recently more curriculum leaders focusing on literacy and reading in their subjects than any other cross curricular lever. More than booklets. More...
  • Do you dedicate this much time to revision?
    12 May 2022 3 0
    Hello Curriculum Thinkers, Do your students know how to revise? How do you teach them what effective revision looks like? And how much time do you put aside to do it to make sure they remember the cur...
  • CLFP - What is it? What is it not? And...
    05 May 2022
    Hello Curriculum Thinkers, As leader of curriculum in your area you’ll spend most of your time thinking about what you want your students to learn, how you’re going to teach them and then checking it’...
  • 6 steps and 11 books to make your reading canon more diverse.
    28 Apr 2022
    Hello Curriculum Thinkers, Q: What do curriculum led financial planning and Star Wars have in common? A: Usually, not a lot. But this year, you can learn about CLFP on Star Wars day 🎉 Read on to find...
  • 14 questions you're asking
    21 Apr 2022
    Welcome back, Curriculum Thinkers! It’s great to be back in your inbox after we all took a well earned break. No doubt you’re busy with exam prep (unless you’re still on your hols), so on to this week...
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