The Beautiful Mess

John Cutler
The beautiful mess of cross-functional product development
Created 01 Jan 2020
  • TBM 29A/52: The Vanity Metric Cure: Context, Intent, and Action
    05 Jul 2022about 16 hours ago
    I keep most of my writing for work separate from my non-work writing. Occasionally I write something that I think the newsletter audience may appreciate. I recently wrote a three-thousand word post (o...
  • TBM 28/52: First Focus. Then Simplify
    30 Jun 2022 A complex problem cannot be simplified. If you can simplify it, then it isn’t a complex problem. Y...
  • TBM 27b/52: Why Most Strategies Lack Clarity
    24 Jun 2022
    NEW: Check out my three (free) Miro templates: Competitive Analysis, Can / Should, and Mandate Levels. If you’ve read TBM for a while, these will look familiar! Please send feedback. A big thank you t...
  • TBM 27/52: When Is Change More Likely?
    23 Jun 2022
    10 Things I Learned By Doodling For 100 Days Straight When I’ve noticed actual change happen, it is most often accompanied by: New collaboration patterns New power dynamics Exposure to new insights an...
  • TBM 26/52: Scaled Feature Factories
    16 Jun 2022
    In interacting with companies that don’t sell digital products—but who are investing heavily in digital capabilities—I’ve noticed a pattern. I call the pattern: We’re Trying to Do Product, But We’re H...
  • TBM 25/52: In Defense of Frameworks (and Process)
    08 Jun 2022
    In this post I am going to defend frameworks and processes. “That’s unlike you,” remarked a friend. “I thought you were all about flexibility and inventing your own frameworks!” Read on… You have a pr...
  • TBM 24/52: Your Head Hurts. But Why?
    02 Jun 2022
    In my experience, people are generally good at sensing dissonance. They may not know the exact cause of that dissonance—and they might not actually care—but they sense something isn't adding up. Some ...
  • TBM 23/52: Your Company = The Product
    26 May 2022
    In B2B SaaS it is important to think of your whole company as The Product. You can't view one team in isolation. A "win" in one part of your company, will often create extra work (and operational comp...
  • TBM 22/52: The Perfect Manager/Leader
    19 May 2022
    Short post today. I really worry sometimes about (some) people in tech. I see people putting themselves under so much pressure to be the perfect manager or leader. They nobly shield their team from dy...
  • TBM 21/52: Old Guard, New Guard
    11 May 2022
    Ocean convergence and the dispersion of flotsam The old guard knows how to navigate the mess. The new guard sees the mess, and wants to avoid it. ➖ The old guard applies knowing (but tired) eyes. The ...
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