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Stop the Collective Punishment of the Iranian People

15 Nov 2022 13 1
Sajjad Safaei makes the crucial point in a new article for DAWN’s Democracy in Exile: If talks to salvage the nuclear agreement—which President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of unilaterally and tri...

Missile Defense Is Inherently Destabilizing and Provocative

14 Nov 2022 16 3
There is no limit to the number of arms races that John Bolton wants to fuel: Such efforts will need to be far more ambitious than previous attempts. When Mr. Bush withdrew from the ABM Treaty 20 year...

Don't Expect India to Take Sides in a War with China

14 Nov 2022 8
Hal Brands wonders what India would do in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan: But none of this ensures that India will cast its lot, militarily or diplomatically, with a pro-Taiwan coalition. A...

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