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Created 26 Jul 2020
  • Inside Baseball | June 23rd, 2022
    23 Jun 2022 1 0
    Good morning, especially to those of you who have told me that you miss my more regular posts here at Data on the Cob. I told myself when I started this newsletter that I wanted to write it as long as...
  • Support for transit along the Blue Line
    02 Apr 2022
    Indianapolis voters went to the polls in November 2016 to vote on a referendum that would expand public transit in the city through new Bus Rapid Transit lines. When the votes were tallied, the result...
  • Taking a break | March 30th, 2022
    30 Mar 2022 2 0
    Good morning, especially those of you who didn’t fall for fool’s spring. Yes, it’s true, I’m taking a break from writing weekly installments of Data on the Cob. This is the 34th post together and I ha...
  • Links that make you think | March 18th, 2022
    18 Mar 2022
    Good morning, especially to our friends in the national media who understand that Carmel, is in fact, not part of Indianapolis. There’s a lot going on in Indiana right now. Between the NCAA Men’s Bask...
  • You (probably) can't win if you don't run | March 9th, 2022
    09 Mar 2022
    Democrat Brad Ellsworth was drafted into the 2010 Senate campaign after Evan Bayh declined to run for re-election the day before the filing deadline. Indiana Democrats will be doing some drafting of c...
  • Thinking of our Ukrainian friends and neighbors | March 2nd, 2022
    02 Mar 2022 4 0
    South Bend’s river lights lit up with Ukrainian Blue and Yellow to show support Good morning, especially to those who have yet to swallowed up by a pothole (or “chuckhole”, depending who you ask) I ha...
  • Links to the Past | February 23, 2022
    23 Feb 2022 1 0
    Good morning, especially to those of you who think the “Washington Commanders” is a better name than “Washington Football Team”. I am apparently outnumbered on this take. I am focusing on moving some ...
  • Is it really all so simple? | February 16th, 2022
    16 Feb 2022 1 0
    Bartholomew County is one where the demographics don’t tell the full story. Photo of the Stewart Bridge in Columbus by Ginger Jordan on Unsplash. Good morning, especially to my Twitter followers, who ...
  • The best links you'll click this week | February 9th, 2022
    09 Feb 2022 1 0
    An Indiana road sign spotted in the wild on Twitter Good morning, especially to everyone who shared videos of their dogs enjoying the snow last week. This week’s newsletter will focus on some links I ...
  • My initial 2022 U.S. House Ratings | February 2nd, 2022
    02 Feb 2022 1 0
    Snow covered Capitol in Washington, D.C. by Yohan Marion on Unsplash Good morning, especially to everyone who believes that it’s ok to like sports. One of my goals is to provide better access to infor...
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