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Created 15 Oct 2020
  • Emily in Paris:The Official Cookbook
    04 Jul 2022 488 156
    The Emily in Paris Cookbook is coming…. Discuss? Read more
  • July 2022
    01 Jul 2022 93 27
    Whew! June has been a month, hasn’t it? I don’t quite know where to begin, but let’s go with this: Now that travel is squarely back on the docket, I spent some time in New York with Romain, his brothe...
  • Tarragon vinaigrette
    25 Jun 2022 159 52
    Tarragon was the rage back in the ’70s…or was it the ’80s? Whatever era it was, I remember in high school my friend’s mom made a salad dressing with a French vinegar infused with tarragon, which still...
  • La cuisine
    22 Jun 2022 274 85
    Read more
  • A chat with Pastry Chef Ali Spahr
    20 Jun 2022 51 5
    Who doesn’t love a great croissant? I certainly do. But I also love the other delicious treats that come out of the oven of Ali Spahr, pastry chef, and ace baker at Winner in Brooklyn. Subscribe now A...
  • Favorite Summer Fruit Recipes
    14 Jun 2022 147 40
    It’s that time of year (unless you live in another hemisphere from me) when summer fruits burst forth on the scene: strawberries, cherries, nectarines, plums, peaches, blueberries, and raspberries, ju...
  • (Spicy) Mackerel Cakes
    10 Jun 2022 107 41
    Little fish don’t get a lot of respect. People don’t have trouble with tuna or halibut, but the same people shrink away from dinky sardines and anchovies. In The Magic of Tinned Fish, Chris McDade exp...
  • Les elements (appliances), part 5.5
    06 Jun 2022 362 132
    My (newish) Paris kitchen, v3.1 To me, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. (Although, I will say having a bathroom is a close second.) When I was designing my current kitchen 10+ year...
  • Benoît Marinos of La Cidrerie
    03 Jun 2022 54 8
    One of the great things about writing a book about French drinks was going outside of my “lane,” so to speak. I was fascinated by the culture of French drinks, everything from Cognac to beer, and want...
  • June 2022 newsletter
    01 Jun 2022 80 21
    A gathering of French bread for tasting with bread baker Bryan Ford for my podcast When I used to lead culinary tours in Paris, a frequent FAQ was why I lived in France. We’d spend a few hours visitin...
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