Design Lobster

Ben Strak
One question, one object and one quote from the world of design. Every 2 weeks on Mondays. Broaden your design horizons and start your week with some fresh ideas.
Created 17 Sep 2019
  • #112 Electric dreams
    27 Jun 2022 11 0
    This week’s Design Lobster is buzzing with weird and wonderful stories from the world of design. We’ll be exploring the technological transformation of the filament bulb and admiring a 1950’s electric...
  • #111 Blown out of proportion
    13 Jun 2022 11 2
    This issue of Design Lobster is pushing boundaries of all kinds. From the curious case of the oversized label on the Angostura Bitters bottle, to the jumbo stock of an early 90’s NYC retail institutio...
  • #110 Paying attention
    30 May 2022 15 6
    This week’s Design Lobster is sitting up and paying attention. We’re exploring some of the quirks of visual hierarchy, and looking at a project by Google that investigates how notifications might be d...
  • #109 Make do and mend
    16 May 2022 13 2
    Design Lobster #109 is patching things up and making them shine again. Come and admire designer repairs and a remarkably beautiful 14th century fix 🪡 Me during my donation last week! This week I want...
  • #108 It's a process
    02 May 2022 12 0
    This week’s Design Lobster is zooming in to the design process itself. We’ll examine what’s really happening when a design solution “suddenly” comes together and explore why a conference with no speak...
  • #107 Sitting comfortably?
    18 Apr 2022 13 0
    This week’s Design Lobster is all about comfort. From the surprisingly controversial story of knickerbockers to an ingenious type of Japanese table. Also, a special welcome this week to the new reader...
  • #106 Design stinks!
    04 Apr 2022 14 0
    Design Lobster #106 has sniffed out some distinctly smelly design stories for you this week. Suncream that will take you back to a carefree 80s summer and a biological computer that can recognise odou...
  • #105 U-G-L-Y
    21 Mar 2022 14 2
    This week’s Design Lobster is challenging received notions of beauty. We’ll be exploring the perverse appeal of ugly objects and admiring an unlovely but important example of 1990s chair design. Mirro...
  • #104 Design that flies
    07 Mar 2022 8 0
    This week Design Lobster #104 is taking flight. From the curious story of a flying fairground ride in Blackpool, to the tale of the world’s most streamlined pencil sharpener. A warm welcome also to ne...
  • #103 Justice by design
    21 Feb 2022 8 0
    This week’s Design Lobster is calling out some examples of design that has helped to advance the cause of justice in the world. From the inspiring work of Antionette Carroll and Creative Reaction Lab ...
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