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Created 22 Oct 2021
  • Goodwill Hunting
    09 Dec 2021 • 18 min read • 1 1
    I'm writing this article in between drafts of another article that's coming up detailing my past, simply because i want to take my time on that one, and i found another interesting thing to talk about...
  • China Will Be Net Zero Emissions by 2060, Guaranteed.
    02 Nov 2021 • 32 min read • 3 9
    With the COP26 summit in Scotland and the G20 meeting as a run-up, CO2 emissions are once again at the forefront of the news. And with it, the usual logic surfaces again from critics: It doesn't reall...
  • The Chain of Supply
    27 Oct 2021 • 21 min read • 6 0
    (As usual, the article’s too long for Gmail; so if it’s cut off ya can find the full thing on I decided to write this article after seeing yet another message of shortages tha...
  • The Problem Is Too Big
    23 Oct 2021 • 50 min read • 6 10
    NOTE: Substack’s warning me that Gmail has a email limit that is nowhere near adequate for my article, so it’ll truncate the text. I’ve decided to say “fuck it” and not play their games of suppressing...
  • Coming soon
    22 Oct 2021 • < 1 min read • 2 0
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