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I write about entertainment, culture and politics and why it's so important to speak up for freedom of expression. Video games, TV shows, movies, music and more.
Created 15 Jan 2021
  • Will Smith wasn't defending his wife's honor, he was raising red flags
    30 Mar 2022 19 28
    I’ve already written one post about the Will Smith assault on Chris Rock during Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony. The reaction to that post was mostly positive, but there were still a disconcert...
  • quit defending Will Smith's assault of Chris Rock at the Oscars
    28 Mar 2022 12 8
    Okay, this is probably the craziest Academy Awards moment I’ve ever seen. I don’t typically write about this kind of thing but I admit I’m a little fascinated by the implications of it all: Toxic masc...
  • Listen To Journey's Gorgeous Soundtrack Reimagined As 'Traveler'
    14 Mar 2022 2 0
    In the latest episode of the diabolical podcast1 I talk with Austin Wintory, the composer of one of my favorite video game soundtracks and games, Journey. (We only talk a little bit about Elden Ring, ...
  • The Diabolical Podcast #8: Austin Wintory
    14 Mar 2022 1 0
    I’ve taken a long break from the podcast but I’m back and in style with a really great discussion with composer Austin Wintory, who is the perfect podcasting guest because he has so many stories and i...
  • Life Update (take three)
    14 Mar 2022 29 34
    I’ve already written this post twice and then realized it was too long, too detailed and just . . . too much. I realized that after the first time but my second take was still too long and onerous. So...
  • I just want to live in Elden Ring forever
    02 Mar 2022 4 10
    There is a tower looming in the distance, across a wide abyss. Like everything else across this hoary plain, it is grey and crumbling and shrouded in fog. Music plays quietly against the harrowing bac...
  • Boxes - a poem
    16 Feb 2022 15 12
    Here’s a poem I wrote recently. It should clue you in, to some degree, on my life these days and my state of mind. It’s quite sad. My apologies in advance. ‘boxes’ by erik kain soon, even the boxes wi...
  • Father John Misty's New Song 'Q4' Is Terrific
    09 Feb 2022 1 1
    Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman) has a new album coming out on April 8th. It’s Christmas in April, basically, if you’re me. Now can he please just tour and come to Arizona? Chloë and The Next 20th...
  • 'Raised By Wolves' Season 2, Episode 2 Review: Mother Of Serpents
    09 Feb 2022 4 0
    I love the retro B-movie vibe Raised By Wolves manages to pull off. It feels like a science-fiction plucked from the late 1960s’ or early 1970s’. The world-building is terrific, but there’s a fakeness...
  • A Nazi, A Comedian And A Gypsy Walk Into A Bar
    08 Feb 2022 4 2
    Jimmy Carr, Netflix Comedian Jimmy Carr is in hot water with the Very Online crowd thanks to a joke in his latest Netflix comedy special, His Dark Material (a play on the controversial YA fantasy tril...
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