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Created 29 Apr 2022
Diana Orgain's funny mystery books

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F.R.E.E. Cozy Mysteries!
27 Jan 2023 11
Hello lovely reader! How’s it going? I joined forces with several cozy author friends and we have LOTS of Free reads for you! Click here! Also, if you need need to catch up on the Maternal Instincts M...
F.R.E.E. reads for this long weekend!
14 Jan 2023 12
Hello lovely! How’s the new year been treating you? Here it started with stormy weather. So much, in fact, causing flooding and numerous catastrophes that I’ve truthfully been a little in hiding. Noth...
Final Hours - PICK3 for only $9.99
02 Jan 2023 14
Hey there! Just a quick note to let you know that today is the last day to Pick 3 ebooks for only $9.99 in the READER’S CHOICE SECTION! Use promo code PICK3 at checkout! Warmly, Diana Orgain P.S. Don’...
🍾Happy New Year!🍾
01 Jan 2023 5
Happy new year! We made it! In case you missed it last night in all the excitement, I have something new in my store! Pick 3 ebooks for only $9.99 in the READER’S CHOICE SECTION! Use promo code PICK3 ...
🍾Happy New Year!🍾 Celebrating Reader's Choice!
01 Jan 2023 14
Happy new year! I’m so grateful to have you in my life! Wishing you all a wonderful new year filled with tons of blessings. Also - a quick announcement - something fun in my store! Pick 3 ebooks for o...

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