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Created 05 Aug 2021
  • Hey, I'm a Super Judge!
    01 Apr 2022 3 1
    Right now there are boxes of books in my laundry room. It’s heavenly! Technically, I must have them if there are any questions. That’s because I am a super judge for the International Association of C...
  • Why are Many Modern Recipes a Challenge?
    15 Mar 2022 12 29
    I looked through a recent issue of Food & Wine at the hairdresser’s recently. And then I opened my battered copy of the 1973 The Los Angeles Times Natural Foods Cookbook to find a recipe I’ve made for...
  • Surprise! There's writing in cookbooks
    01 Mar 2022 4 0
    During the pandemic, I’ve been teaching Zoom classes to people who want to write a cookbook. They anticipate spending hours in their happy place, creating recipes for spicy noodle soups or cheesecakes...
  • What Would You Advise?
    25 Feb 2022 1 2
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  • Q&A: Susan Spungen on Creating Beautiful Food with Unique Twists
    15 Feb 2022 4 5
    Susan Spungen (Photo by Steven Kasher) I first met Susan Spungen at an IACP conference. She had just left her job as founding food editor at Martha Stewart Living. Now Susan is a food stylist, recipe ...
  • A Few Suggestions for Your Writing
    01 Feb 2022 7 9
    You know what I found out in my last paid newsletter, when I asked what readers are working on? It’s writing projects. This newsletter is for those who like or aspire to write. That’s exactly the resp...
  • What are you working on? An open thread
    23 Jan 2022 33 59
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  • Q&A: Deb Perelman on 16 Years at Smitten Kitchen
    15 Jan 2022 5 0
    Possibly America’s most recognizable food blogger. (Photo courtesy of Christine Han.) One of the things I like best about Smitten Kitchen is Deb’s self-deprecating, unassuming humor that infuses all h...
  • The Generosity of Friends
    01 Jan 2022 4 8
    As you might have seen on social media, I broke my ankle, just before Thanksgiving last year, right after a move to a new house. Yeah, it’s been hard, but the heartwarming response from my community a...
  • What a Top Cookbook Photographer Wants from You
    15 Dec 2021 1 0
    You’ve probably paged through the cookbooks of such superstars as Chrissy Teigen, Giada DeLaurentiis, Kristin Cavallari, and Danielle Walker. Many of us have lingered over beautiful food images and wo...
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