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Fundamentals of Stablecoin Mechanics & Variants
11 Oct 2022
Here is what we are going to cover: Types of stablecoin mechanisms Collateral Debt Position (CDP) Rebase model for purely algorithmic stablecoins Seigniorage model for purely algorithmic stablecoins T...
Curve Finance: Stableswap Invariant
04 Oct 2022 1
Here is what will be covered: Constant sum invariant Constant product invariant Creation of stable swap invariant Implications of stable swap invariant How concentration of liquidity is integrated wit...
MakerDAO Endgame and its Repercussions on Curve Finance
03 Oct 2022 2
This Risk report was made possible with the collaboration of @cryptorisksteam. Context OFAC, the Treasury Department's sanctions watchdog, added Tornado Cash to its list of specially designated nation...
Foundation of DeFi: Token Liquidity (Curve Finance)
29 Sep 2022 2
Here is what we are going to cover: The need for liquidity A basic foundation to understand how liquidity is seeded when a pool is launched Incentivizing for liquidity Understanding concentrated liqui...
Variables in Impermanent Loss mitigation models.
21 Sep 2022
Here is what we are going to cover: Impermanent loss mitigation mechanisms. IL mitigation variables. Liquidity depth - Slippage - Trade value correlation. This article explores the variables that need...

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