Dinner: A Love Story

Jenny Rosenstrach
A newsletter devoted to the family meal, however you define “family” and however you define “meal.” Written by the NY Times bestselling author of the Dinner: A Love Story book series including, most recently "The Weekday Vegetarians."
Created 24 Dec 2020
  • Three Things
    21 Jun 2022 28 7
    Greetings eaters and readers! What’s for dinner tonight? I’m working from South Carolina this week, where the corn and tomatoes are way further along than back in New York country, so last night’s din...
  • Your Summer Cooking Cheat Sheet
    16 Jun 2022 13 9
    Greetings subscribers! I know it can be hard to keep up with all the recipes coming at you fast and furious on this newsletter, so I thought it might be helpful to send along a index, at least for the...
  • Three Things
    14 Jun 2022 23 9
    DALS kitchen ca. 2012 Greetings eaters and readers! It’s hard to believe I’m even writing this, but Dinner: A Love Story, the book that made me a book mom, was published exactly ten years ago this wee...
  • A Complete Summer Entertaining Menu
    10 Jun 2022 23 6
    Good morning subscribers! In honor of summer entertaining, aka my favorite kind of entertaining, please find one complete menu to cook for friends, from appetizers to dessert, including shopping list ...
  • Three Things
    07 Jun 2022 39 254
    Greetings eaters and readers! It was a beautiful weekend in New York, crystalline skies and fireflies at dusk, June’s signature honeysuckle scent infusing the air on my morning walks to the coffee sho...
  • Let's Hang
    03 Jun 2022 1 1
    Greetings subscribers! Please join me for our next subscriber zoom session where we will be discussing all things easy summer cooking, with an emphasis on vegetables, including tricks for upgrading sa...
  • Three Things
    01 Jun 2022 20 6
    Good morning readers and eaters and I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. We’ve been watching and loving “We Own This City,” the David Simon-George Pelecanos series about corrupt cops in Baltimore that...
  • Slaw with Crunchies and Curried Yogurt Dressing
    26 May 2022 8 2
    Good morning, subscribers, and as always, thank you for being here. This newsletter, and you reading and supporting this newsletter, keeps me sane, and my hope is that it might bring you the smallest ...
  • Three Things
    24 May 2022 22 5
    Good morning eaters and readers! We had a busy weekend, and by busy, I of course mean rich. Abby is home from college (one down, one to go) and for her Coming Home Dinner, did she request her mom’s sa...
  • Three Things
    17 May 2022 18 18
    Good morning eaters and readers, and greetings from sunny Cambridge, MA where I am stationed this week, piggybacking on my husband’s business trip, and squeezing in one more long weekend away before t...
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