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Rough seas over here
28 Mar 2022 9
Watch anything good on TV last night? I promise I am not going to be delivering a take of any kind on the slap here today. You will of course by now have already seen more unhinged reactions to it tha...
Asylum a la carte
21 Mar 2022 14 1
It’s been incredibly jarring to compare Europe’s welcoming of Ukrainian refugees with the way both Europe and the U.S. have treated refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and the dozens of other coun...
You Can Go Home Again
07 Mar 2022 9 1
Christian Holmér/Flickr Hi there! Jack from Discourse Blog here. (The other Jack from Discourse Blog, that is—yes, there are two of us.) If you’ve been reading us for any period of time, and you click...
War machinery and beatdown journalism
28 Feb 2022 8
The technology of war is beat journalism until it is everything journalism. In October, satellite footage first revealed the Russian military massing machinery of war near Ukraine. Last week, months o...
Pennsylvania Man Arrested For Torture Official CIA Channels
22 Feb 2022 8
First Air Cavalrymen and a Vietnamese interpreter lay a towel over the suspect's face and then pour water on it. January, 1968. Via Getty ROSS ROGGIO IS FACING SERIOUS CHARGES that, if proven, would p...

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