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Created 08 May 2020
illyanna Maisonet's newsletter contains: recipes, first person and reported articles, rantings, photos, history and foodways of California and Puerto Rico. Also, behind the scenes capturings of Diasporican…

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Lemon-Pepper Adobo Wings Recipe...
17 Jan 2023 24 11
This is a post for all subscribers. Everyone’s support is so appreciated, and I hope you enjoy. If you’re a paid subscriber, please leave your Instagram handle in the comments so that I can add you to...
Steak Chicana Recipe...
10 Jan 2023 21 9
Diasporican is for sale almost everywhere books are sold. If you don’t want to purchase from a conglomerate (because they actually discount the book and that low key makes it harder for me to reach th...
Merry Christmas…
20 Dec 2022 28 23
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The Mishmash Holiday Gift Guide 2022
14 Dec 2022 14 4
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Trigger Warning: Funereal Talk...
06 Dec 2022 34 20
Illyanna Maisonet Is Always Pissed Off Illyanna talks with Dan Pashman about trying to coax recipes out of her grandmother, how her new cookbook Diasporican became a family affair, and being labeled “...

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