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Created 25 Jan 2021
  • A Crash Course in Same-Day Registration
    22 Mar 2022
    Hello everyone! Welcome back to The Democracy Dispatch by Equal Citizens. Apologies for the short hiatus. This week, as promised we are going to introduce our policy exploration section. Our focus wil...
  • Two Battles for Ballot Access
    22 Feb 2022
    Welcome back to the Equal Citizens Substack. As promised, in this edition we are going to discuss state legislation. After all, states have considerable leeway over the direction of our democracy. As ...
  • The Relaunch
    11 Feb 2022
    Welcome back to the Equal Citizens Substack. Exactly one year ago, we launched this Substack as the Dispatches on the For The People Act. Our goal was to keep you updated on the landmark democracy leg...
  • The Senate Picks The Filibuster Over Democracy
    23 Jan 2022 0 1
    Welcome back to the Equal Citizens Substack. This is a tough update to write. As I’m sure you know, the vote to fix the filibuster failed on Wednesday, which means, at least for now, the Freedom to Vo...
  • Critical Update on the Freedom to Vote Act
    16 Jan 2022 1 0
    Welcome back to the Equal Citizens Substack! As always, there are major legislative updates. This is also likely the last time I will write before the conclusion of the Freedom to Vote Act fight in Co...
  • Podcast: On Our Own Failed Democratic State (And What's At Stake On January 17)
    11 Jan 2022
    Lawrence Lessig reads aloud his updated New York Review of Books essay, which was originally released on December 10th. He chronicles the United States’ descent into minoritarianism, the pathway forwa...
  • Filibuster Reform on the Horizon?
    06 Jan 2022 • 11 min read • 1 0
    Welcome to 2022! I hope that you had a relaxing holiday season and are staying safe despite the frightening Omicron surge. Here’s hoping we can generate enough pressure to turn the Freedom to Vote Act...
  • End of Year Progress
    23 Dec 2021 2 0
    Happy holidays from all of us at Equal Citizens! There’s a lot to update you on — and it’s almost all good news. To start, President Biden just announced his support for a carve out to the filibuster ...
  • Five-Alarm Gerrymanders
    08 Dec 2021 • 9 min read • 1 0
    Welcome back to the Equal Citizens Substack. We continue to see movement in the Senate towards filibuster reform and passage of the Freedom to Vote Act (FVA). Just this week, Senate Majority Leader Ch...
  • 200+ Get Arrested for Voting Rights
    24 Nov 2021
    Happy almost Thanksgiving! The Senate and White House may have turkey on their minds, but the fight to pass the Freedom to Vote Act continues to grow. Today, I want to tell you about a major civil dis...
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