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Edward Gorbis
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Created 27 Jun 2021
  • 🇺🇦 Driving Bitcoin Donations To Ukraine
    04 Mar 2022
    Bitcoin School Proceeds Go To Ukraine Developments in Eastern Europe have taken center stage for much of the world in the past few days. Aggressive and consistent flows of reporting from the ground in...
  • How to Pay 0% Taxes on Your Bitcoin!
    20 Feb 2022
    Background Retirement accounts are special types of financial structures that allow for people to shelter their savings from taxes, or reduce taxable income today. For simplicity, I’m just going to co...
  • Bitcoin Is A Teenager Now!
    04 Jan 2022
    13 years ago today, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin block. It is incredible to think how far Bitcoin has come since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world on this day 13 years ago (...
  • 1 Hour Left: Bitcoin School is Only $97 Today!
    31 Dec 2021
    ⏰ 60 Minutes Until Bitcoin School Launches! Don’t be like everyone else worrying about the price. Learn the fundamentals and hold Bitcoin forever: This is to protect your wealth This is build generati...
  • ⏮ 2021 Bitcoin: 12 Month Recap
    31 Dec 2021
    ⏰ 4 Hours until Bitcoin School Launches! 2,000+ hours of valuable content distilled in 2 hours of learning. Bitcoin School will make you feel: Knowledgable about how money evolved over time Hungry to ...
  • 24 hours Left to Pre-Order Bitcoin School
    30 Dec 2021
    A quick reminder that there are 24 hours left to pre-order Bitcoin School. The price is $147 $97 until 12/31 at 12 PM PST. Come join 150+ inquisitive learners across 7 countries who are ready to dive ...
  • Day 21: The Bitcoin Standard
    30 Dec 2021
    There's one important question left to be answered. When we talk about how fiat currencies are "unstable," this simply means that there is room for instability within the structural design of fiat cur...
  • Day 20: What is DeFi?
    29 Dec 2021
    If you've dabbled in the cryptocurrency world, you might know of Bitcoin as a "store of value," and ether (the Ethereum Network token) as the "smart contract thing." Yes, you can build cool stuff on E...
  • Day 19: Why Bitcoin and not other cryptos?
    28 Dec 2021
    Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. Since its genesis in 2009, countless DeFi projects and altcoins have popped up; from Dogecoin to ETH, there's undoubtedly a huge market for alternatives to Bitc...
  • Day 18: How does Bitcoin help humanity?
    27 Dec 2021
    One small step for Bitcoin, one giant leap for mankind. For Bitcoin, global adoption is just a few more nodes. But for humans, it means finally reaching a point where we share a common currency — the ...
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