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Created 28 Feb 2021
  • Hurtling towards all-out European war
    01 Apr 2022 12 6
    It was seven o’clock in St Petersburg on the evening of August 1, 1914 when, on the other side of Europe, the Germans entered Luxembourg. At that moment Ambassador Pourtales, ‘his watery blue eyes red...
  • Russia getting cancelled, the dishonesty of 'fact-checking' and Britain's upcoming lost decade(s?)
    31 Mar 2022 14 11
    Thank you to everyone who has subscribed this month, and to those who have shared posts. If it doesn’t cause instant social death, please recommend to friends. March was obviously dominated by the war...
  • Empires v nations: a battle as old as time
    29 Mar 2022 40 18
    ‘Let me make this perfectly clear. Putin is Emperor Palpatine. The Ukrainian people and all those who stand up for democracy around the world and here in America are Rey Skywalker, Jyn Erso, and the R...
  • Can there be forgiveness after Christianity?
    25 Mar 2022 38 15
    Today is the Feast of the Annunciation, which as well as being the most important date in history for Christians, is also one of the most painted scenes in history (the picture illustrating this piece...
  • Theology in the age of identity
    23 Mar 2022 8 8
    Back in the early days of the Church, Christianity was split by the Arian controversy, a dispute originating with two Alexandrian theologians, Arius and Athanasius. Alexandrian theologians were always...
  • Would we lock down for COVID-22?
    21 Mar 2022 20 12
    It’s early 2023, and a deadly new virus emerges out of a far-off wet market. The illness, COVID-22, soon spreads to Europe, and we see footage of hospitals filling up and mask-wearing police at checkp...
  • Why intellectuals gush over despots
    19 Mar 2022 34 8
    In 1978 British academic Malcolm Caldwell made a pilgrimage. A radical figure at the London School of Oriental and African Studies, Caldwell was wackily Left-wing even by the standards of the UK unive...
  • If Russia is England, is Ukraine Ireland? (Or Scotland? Or Wales?)
    17 Mar 2022 8 9
    A former imperial power, once controlling a huge chunk of the world’s landmass, sends troops across to its neighbour for the sake of — Dr Evil air quotes — ‘peace-keeping’. Serving the needs of a symp...
  • The 'Oikophobia' of the Right
    16 Mar 2022 43 15
    On the day that Russia invaded Ukraine, the Daily Telegraph reported that Britain’s spies were being told to check their white privilege and to stop using sexist words like ‘manpower’; meanwhile the M...
  • The chilling return of shibboleths
    14 Mar 2022 34 7
    Let’s start today’s column with a passage from the Bible. Not one of those nice hopeful messages of love and forgiveness Jesus talked about in the Gospels, but rather a tale of blood-strewn ethnic vio...
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