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Curiosity, rationality, and ideas

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Quick Hits #54
14 Nov 2022
Here is Karl Popper’s The Open Society And Its Enemies. It includes his famous views on “The Paradox Of Tolerance” (pg 226). It’s a footnote in chapter 7, less than a paragraph long, and a tangent fro...
Quick Hits #53
08 Nov 2022
From Psychology Today: Psychologists have been saying for decades that a key marker for being a conservative was fear of the world. It turns out they just forgot to ask about the ways lefties thought ...
Quick Hits #52
01 Nov 2022
A meta-analysis of cultural differences in strategies for the Ultimatum Game. (sci-hub link) Remember this is the game where a researcher hands $100 to one person who can split any fraction of it with...
Systemic Anti-Racism
18 Oct 2022 1
Previously I wrote that systemic racism exists but it proves too much. Something is systemically racist if it creates or exasperates a disparity between white people and minority races. As defined, la...
Quick Hits #51
10 Oct 2022
Bart Ehrman explains what Jesus thought about hell. Two studies (n=788) finds people are more skeptical of sex differences when they favor men. ”both sexes reacted less positively to differences favou...

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