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Elle Griffin
Writing a utopian novel and essays imagining a more beautiful future.
Created 26 Feb 2021

Ebenezer Howard built utopian cities in England

28 Nov 2022 15 7
Note from Elle: I am currently on vacation so I invited a few authors to write guest posts on utopian topics while I’m away. This week, I want to introduce you to, author of , who wrote this essay abo...

What if countries had to compete for citizens?

21 Nov 2022 33 14
My last essay imagines a world where we replace income tax with sales tax and suddenly it’s in a country’s best interest to open the borders—because the more people who live and spend money in a count...

Oblivion, Chapter 4

14 Nov 2022 13
Welcome to Oblivion, a utopian novel I’m publishing alongside essays imagining a more beautiful future. You can start at the beginning or you can start right here. Quick recap: Elysia awoke on a beaut...

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