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Created 26 Feb 2021
  • Think Tank: The future of author communities
    08 Aug 2022 12 1
    This was my favorite episode yet. Part-four of a five-part think tank I’m hosting on the future of fiction is all about author communities. But before we get to that, you can catch up on the rest of t...
  • What is modern literature anyway?
    05 Aug 2022 26 23
    Samuél Lopez-Barrantes is a novelist, literary tour guide, and professor living in Paris. He writes nonfiction and fiction for his newsletter, if not, Paris and hosts literary salon discussions online...
  • I'm so over dead French writers
    01 Aug 2022 26 52
    When I was researching my gothic novel, I read nothing but dead, existentialist French writers. I was obsessed with Jean-Valjean’s pursuit of redemption in a world that would only ever see him as a th...
  • What do you want me to write next?
    29 Jul 2022 27 23
    Austin Tindle recently reached out with an idea: What if we could decide what you write next? And vote on it with our dollars? I loved the idea—after all, you all know me a little bit by now, perhaps ...
  • Think Tank: The future of fandoms
    25 Jul 2022 11 4
    This is part-three of a five-part think tank I’m hosting on the future of fiction. Catch up on the series here: Part one: The future of reading Part two: the future of publishing Part three: the futur...
  • What if you could invest in your favorite book?
    21 Jul 2022 47 91
    Mike Kim for Esquire What if you could own a stake in Harry Potter? What if the book series functioned like a publicly traded company where individuals could “buy stock” in it, and as the franchise gr...
  • Literary Salon: Let's talk about book bans
    15 Jul 2022 9 38
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  • I’m writing a utopian novel
    11 Jul 2022 72 96
    Becoming a journalist In 2014, I launched Over The Moon Magazine on the side of my content marketing job. I started the magazine because I was a marketing writer and I wanted to be a magazine writer a...
  • My gothic novel is now available on Kindle
    27 Jun 2022 35 48
    Last week, I sent the final chapter of my gothic novel Obscurity to my newsletter subscribers. I still can’t believe my book is finally complete and out in the world! I have been sending chapters to m...
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