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Evidence-Based Pregnancy and Parenting
Created 11 Feb 2020
  • CDC Early Childhood Guidance
    07 Apr 2022 24 57
    News: Check me out talking to Anderson Cooper in his new CNN+ show “Parental Guidance” (clip here). Conversation influenced by this newsletter post, among other things. Hope there will be more where t...
  • Diabetes Medication and Birth Defects
    04 Apr 2022 11 9
    Too often, when we talk about issues in fertility or pregnancy, the focus is exclusively on the pregnant woman as the source. This is despite the fact that we know the men can be the source of concern...
  • More on Facebook and Mental Health
    01 Apr 2022 3 4
    Today’s post is part of our subscriber-only content, and I want to take the chance to say thank you very much for supporting ParentData. Share Read more
  • Night Terrors
    31 Mar 2022 22 26
    Quick survey on COVID protocols for US-based parents with under-5 children who attend child care or PreK. Please complete here! Results will inform a newsletter next week. It’s 10:30 p.m. You’ve just ...
  • How to Cook So Your Kids (Might) Eat
    28 Mar 2022 24 25
    If I think of the early parenting topics that people wonder about the most, two bubble up: sleep and food. Today’s post is about the second. Food is a question that spans all of childhood. First there...
  • Ask ParentData
    25 Mar 2022 6 9
    Welcome to Ask ParentData! A reminder that you can submit questions for future weeks here. As always, the first question is available to all subscribers (today: kombucha in pregnancy), and there are a...
  • COVID-19 School Data Hub
    24 Mar 2022 23 13
    TL;DR: This is a post about the COVID-19 School Data Hub, which you can visit here. Last year, I did a lot of work on schools. Much of it was scaffolded and supported by the existence of this newslett...
  • Labor Induction and C-Section
    21 Mar 2022 14 23
    Does labor induction increase the risk of C-section? It’s a simple question, but one of tremendous importance to many women as they near the end of pregnancy. The share of induced labors has increased...
  • Roundup: Blast from the Past
    18 Mar 2022 5 2
    Thus far, these Roundup posts have mostly looked back at what I’ve written in the newsletter over the past couple of years. Even over that short period, I can see changes in how I’ve been writing abou...
  • Pediatric COVID Vaccines
    17 Mar 2022 22 46
    Quick newsletter note. You may have noticed that there are more frequent subscriber-only posts on Fridays. We’ve moved to offering paid bonus content every week; we’ll be experimenting with format, bu...
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