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Emma Collins
Fashion, culture, and free expression
Created 27 May 2021
  • Nature Enters The House
    21 May 2022
    from the book Tiffany Taste by John Loring, 1986 An article on interiors from the Wall Street Journal in 2011 talked about the trend of “undecorating.” It claimed that “periodically there is a design ...
  • Pregnancy Is Cool
    13 May 2022
    When I was younger and living in Brooklyn, I had a friend who had a t-shirt that said “FUCK BREEDERS.” She was a cool goth chick and everything she owned was black, even her toothbrush. She had an axe...
  • Grief, Religion, Sex
    15 Apr 2022
    America is not good at grief. We are an optimistic people, consumed by a propulsive need to constantly hurtle forward. “Moving on,” Maureen Dowd stated in a column last weekend, “is the favorite Ameri...
  • Reimagine vs. Renewal
    17 Mar 2022
    via Amazon On March 9th, Greg Lukianoff, the president of free speech organization FIRE, tweeted a challenge to his followers. “Name a musical artist of the last 20 years whose music best highlighted ...
  • On Corpulent Men and Messy Interiors
    09 Mar 2022
    From Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers,” 2003 I am in the midst of a hellish apartment search and I noticed that when I’m not agonizing about where I’m going to be sleeping next week, I fantasize about how I...
  • Risk-Taking Is American. Is It Christian?
    04 Mar 2022
    In a piece for The American Conservative called “Safety Third,” Adam Ellwanger illustrates how various people living on the land that is now called America have taken risks. Indigenous people who foug...
  • A Spiritual Experience of the Vaccines
    18 Feb 2022
    KUWTK’s Kris Jenner In her bestselling 2012 memoir, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner details her experience of getting a neck-lift, noting that she “never imagined” that it would be a “transcendental,...
  • Remember Passion?
    16 Jan 2022
    Marina Hands in “Lady Chatterley,” 2006 On March 18th, 2020, as the novel coronavirus was infiltrating New York City and the mayor explained the idea of shelter-in-place, I messaged an old flame on In...
  • Digging Out My Bernie Shirt
    08 Jan 2022
    In my more fervently goth days, I used to be obsessed with the different categories of goth. Did you know that industrial goths are distinct from ethereal goths? You might have heard of cyber goths, b...
  • The Atlantic Needs a Voice from the Populist Right
    14 Dec 2021
    I love The Atlantic. I only started reading it in 2019, so I was perhaps late to the “of no party” party. But I have admired it in the past few years for daring to publish writers who critique the ide...
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