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Created 10 Apr 2018

"It Did Scare Me": Assault, Harassment Allegations Against MPP Head Nick Brana

13 Jul 2022 8 1
Accusations of sexual assault and harassment against Nick Brana have thrown the future of his political group the Movement for a People’s Party into doubt. During a live recording of The Flashpoint Po...

"It Makes Me So Damn Mad": Democratic Inaction on Crises Is Leading to Voter Apathy

05 Jul 2022 9
President Joe Biden’s inaction in the face of yet another crisis has even loyal Democrats fed up. Monday’s shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois could have offered an opportun...

Come On, Man

04 Jul 2022 12 1
During the 2020 Democratic primary, Joe Biden told voters that as president, he’d get Republicans in line. A year-and-a-half out from his inauguration, it’s clear that hasn’t happened. He’s not up to ...

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