Events in Ukraine
Events in Ukraine
Created 11 Jan 2022
Economic and political processes and major events in Ukraine and the region

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A Dead Man's Donbass
08 Nov 2022 4
The following is a translation. The original can be found here. The author lived in Ukraine until 2017, when he was forced to leave due to his journalistic work regarding smuggling - an article explai...
Prospects for guaranteeing the military campaign of 2023: the Ukrainian view
25 Sep 2022
09/07/2022 Eventsinukraine translatorโ€™s note - this article was published in early September on the Ukrainian government site Ukrinform - you can access the Ukrainian language original here. It was wr...
"Free trade with the EU - a fairy tale for the poor." How an economic war has begun between Ukraine and Poland
06 Sep 2022 2
Translated from - A blast back to the past of late 2021, relevant now given the renewed tensions...
Less state in the economy: restarting mass privatization
03 Aug 2022 3 2
SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2022, 08:05 Source - 5740 VIEWS YULIA SVIRYDENKO First Deputy Prime Minister โ€“ Minister of Economy In the previous column "What...
What kind of economy are we building?
02 Aug 2022 2 8
Source - FRIDAY, JULY 08, 2022, 11:15 p.m Thanks for reading Events in Ukraine! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. 26174 ...

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