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Mike Sowden
Created 25 Oct 2020
A newsletter about seeing more, feeling more, and asking better questions. Curiosity makes everything better - but can it be *learned*? Let's find out.

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Open Thread: What do you wish more people were curious about?
26 Jan 2023 33 91
Hello! This is Everything is Amazing, a newsletter about curiosity. And it’s time for a weird experiment. The thing is: I don’t know anything. Not really. And especially not compared to the entirety o...
Did This Tree Of Fire Break Our World Apart?
24 Jan 2023 20 5
Hello again! This is Everything Is Amazing, a newsletter about stoking your curiosity, ignoring clickbait, remembering more of what matters, and magical-looking pillars of light that are perfectly nat...
Why Pink Has Absolutely *Everything* To Say
18 Jan 2023 36 37
Hello! This is Everything Is Amazing, a newsletter about curiosity, science and wonder. Subscribe now First up today: please go read this wise piece in Noema Magazine by my friend Henry about the rela...
Why Space Is Wet (And So Very Far Away)
10 Jan 2023 40 14
Hello! This is Everything Is Amazing, a word salad newsletter about curiosity, science, attention and wonder. Sign Me Up For Whatever This Thing Is! Alas, Witching Week is over, the New Year has been ...
Walking The Great Mountain Trail Of Deep Time
04 Jan 2023 23 21
Hello! This is Everything Is Amazing, a newsletter that zooms in on curiosity, attention, and the happiness-engineering power of enthusiastically trying lots of different things for no immediately app...

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