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Erick Erickson's writings about the intersection of life, politics, and faith in a divided America.
Created 24 Jan 2020
  • Roe v Wade is Ending
    03 May 2022 41 9
    Someone from the United States Supreme Court, most likely a progressive clerk, leaked the Justice Alito authored draft opinion in Dobbs, the Mississippi case seeking to end Roe v Wade. In a 5-4 majori...
  • The Show Notes: Biden's Unpopularity, Putin's Surgery, & Misinformation on Disinformation
    02 May 2022 10 5
    Welcome! Vladimir Putin is undergoing cancer surgery and will briefly transfer power to someone else. The Show Notes is my blueprint for radio but is only for subscribers. You can subscribe here and l...
  • The Partisan Church Divide
    02 May 2022 129 37
    First off, I may be the only talk show host in America who has never endorsed a gold or precious metal company. With the rise of crypto, which I think is just Mary Kaye for tech bros, and with the ret...
  • Biden's Radical Appointee
    30 Apr 2022 26 10
    Joe Biden has appointed Nina Jankowicz to lead the brand new Disinformation Governance Board. ‘Radical’ is the only appropriate description for Nina Jankowicz. In college, Nina performed disturbing se...
  • BREAKING: Trump Just Abandoned David Perdue in Georgia
    29 Apr 2022 101 10
    This literally has just come across the transom. The New York Times obtained an exclusive interview with Donald Trump. Here’s the money quote: “Remember, you know, my record is unblemished,” Mr. Trump...
  • The Show Notes: The Disinformation Department, Biden's Midterm Mess, & Trump Swipes Perdue
    29 Apr 2022 9 0
    Welcome! Twitter admitted it overstated (or lied about) the number of users they have ahead of Elon Musk’s purchase. Twitter did the same thing back in 2017. MUST-READ: Biden ‘disinformation’ chief a ...
  • Biden's Disinformation Department
    29 Apr 2022 49 16
    Nina Jankowicz is the new head of President Biden’s Ministry of Truth, which he is calling the Disinformation Governance Board within the Department of Homeland Security. Her real claim to fame is sin...
  • The Democratic Cultural Attack
    28 Apr 2022 56 0
    The Democratic Party has one overarching problem: Americans don’t like them. Democrats increasingly elevate policy choices that impact a shrinking number of people. At the same time that Republicans a...
  • The Show Notes: Shrinking Economy, Twitter Meltdown, & Joe's Woes
    28 Apr 2022 18 3
    Welcome! More bad economic news out this morning as the economy shrank by 1.4% in Q1 2022. MUST-READ: U.S. intelligence prevented the fall of Kyiv. The Show Notes is my blueprint for radio but is only...
  • This is inexcusable
    28 Apr 2022 123 22
    Marjorie Taylor Greene is a married woman who has committed adultery several times with men at her gym. She now presumes to speak for Christians and claim the church is controlled by Satan. The satani...
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