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Created 23 Apr 2019
  • Crypto And The Belief-Powered Economy
    11 May 2022 1 0
    In Marvel Comics, the Universal Church of Truth is a reoccurring villain that brings ruin to any society that doesn’t agree to believe in their dark purpose - worshipping the evil “Magus” (the dark ha...
  • The Blocked Chain
    03 May 2022 35 5
    Imagine you are talking to a regular human being. That human being has no experience with the blockchain, cryptocurrency, or anything like that. You open your mouth and say to them, “a multi-billion d...
  • Elon Musk Doesn't "Get" Twitter (And Yes, He's Really That Bad)
    29 Apr 2022 36 16
    Depending on which New York Times columnist you’re reading today, you either think that Elon Musk is a wonderful guy that’s “hard to love” or that he was able to buy Twitter because he “gets it.” The ...
  • You Can't Beat A Bad Workplace With Therapy
    27 Apr 2022 51 23
    When I worked in a particularly bad office environment, I remember going to therapy and talking to my therapist about how bad it was to work there. I expected to be told that I needed to re-evaluate m...
  • The Death of Company Culture
    19 Apr 2022 48 18
    Every experience I’ve had drinking at work (specifically at my desk or in the office) has generally been negative. It’s not necessarily that anything bad happened, but it always felt like I’d crossed ...
  • Code Is LOL
    18 Apr 2022 54 21
    In what can only be sort of described as an attack, a “hacker” - by which I mean someone using the available cryptocurrency systems - gained complete control of cryptocurrency project Beanstalk, steal...
  • The Return To Office Rodeo
    13 Apr 2022 46 17
    Readers, you will be shocked to hear that the New York Times has posted another thing about remote work, which focused on companies trying to convince people to return to the office. This three-byline...
  • Capitalism Only Does This When It's VERY Distressed
    12 Apr 2022 58 7
    American workers are playing a risky game, threatening their bosses with something utterly morally abhorrent - that they will quit if the compensation for the labor they are being paid for is not suff...
  • Hey Anti-Remote Managers! Shut up.
    08 Apr 2022 9 4
    That’s it, I’ve snapped. I warn you this is not the regular kind of newsletter I write where I am deeply thoughtful and reflective about the qualities of leadership and the future of work. A study of ...
  • What Do You Think A Leader Is?
    07 Apr 2022 23 8
    Around October 2020, I cracked. Despite being lucky enough to have a steady income, a roof over my head, and not having contracted COVID-19 (I would get it a month later), the compound stress of runni...
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