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Created 23 Apr 2019
  • Privilege and Pro-Office Pablum
    08 Aug 2022
    I want to make a confession. In the last years - since 2019, at the very least - I have worn pajamas to work almost every day. This in no way changes the quality of my work product. It never has, and ...
  • Popping The Lead Balloon
    05 Aug 2022 23 4
    When I previously wrote about the problems of “crypto skepticism,” I assumed that if one of the reporters deriding those investigating crypto was proven wrong, they would stop immediately assuming all...
  • The Fall of Facebook
    28 Jul 2022 69 18
    Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg was flayed by the media for his grim fears around the current financial climate, including but not limited to telling employees that special “meta days” they got through the...
  • The Consequences of Silence
    25 Jul 2022 53 17
    I am not a particularly emotional man, but when I read some of the letters to the judge of Celsius’ bankruptcy case (brought to my attention by Molly White), I began feeling a deep, painful sadness. C...
  • The End Times Are A Flat Circle
    19 Jul 2022 31 3
    Every so often, I get a weird gut instinct, a sort of white noise of nausea that says something bad is going to happen, long before my logical brain actually realizes what I’m worried about or what’s ...
  • A Remote Possibility Of Failure
    12 Jul 2022 50 36
    I have intentionally been retracting from covering remote because, I’d argue, most of what I need to say has been said (and I’d argue this is the case in general), and thus I’ve ignored several middle...
  • When Vibes Aren't Enough
    05 Jul 2022 50 12
    What is going on at Voyager? When I was a child, my parents taught me not to lie due to the moral and social problems that lying creates. Lying misinforms the people you’re talking to about both the s...
  • If You Believe In Everything, You Believe In Nothing
    28 Jun 2022 54 4
    I’ve been told many times in my life that I’m a “hater,” or a “skeptic,” or that I “don’t give things a chance.” This has been the case in game reviews, in professional situations and in this very new...
  • The Billion Dollar Houses Built On Sand
    20 Jun 2022 57 16
    When Andreessen Horowitz announced their $4.5 billion crypto fund toward the end of May, partners Simpson and Dixon (incorrectly) likened crypto to “the next major computing cycle,” a phrase that was ...
  • The Liches of Silicon Valley
    17 Jun 2022 52 9
    In the years I’ve done publicity for tech products, companies, and personas, I’ve been fairly direct with clients that I am looking for a path to profitability and a sustainable business. While there ...
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