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The Words of Ed Zitron, a PR person and writer.
Created 23 Apr 2019

Manifesting History

29 Nov 2022 53 8
It has been just under a week since I wrote about the year of finding out, where poorly thought-out assumptions and magical thinking have begun to erode (or outright destroy) supposedly unstoppable fo...

The Year of Finding Out

23 Nov 2022 94 36
2022 has become the year of chaos. The previous year’s opulence and impulsivity led to a year where tens of thousands of people sacrificed their jobs at the altar of profitability. 2021 felt like a fe...

The Fraudulent King

18 Nov 2022 184 27
I have made mistakes in my life. I have done very silly things for even sillier reasons, wrapped myself in very stupid justifications, and then executed again and again on a campaign of sheer idiocy. ...

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