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The Farm
Created 01 Nov 2022
Exposing the Gnostic-Masonic Industrial Complex one Op at a time.

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Patriotism, Not the Next Pandemic, is the Real Emerging Threat on the Mind of the Global Elite
18 Nov 2022 12 2
Subscribe now Coordinated Linguistic Tells It isn’t “The Future of Pandemic Preparedness” that you need to be concerned about when spectating groups like the G20. It’s the synchronized choice of langu...
Why Vaccine Passports Are Not Going Anywhere
17 Nov 2022 40
In Bali, Indonesia at the G20 summit, there were discussions on many topics. The ongoing War in Ukraine. Climate Change. Biodiversity. Energy. You name it. With all of these topics, it’s hard to cut t...
International Freedom Movements are Sorely Lacking Advanced Tooling
17 Nov 2022 4
Post is paywalled while this is edited & the project is going forward. If you are in the technology field (software engineers, AI/ML/data) please comment here or elsewhere if you'd like to chat. Read ...
2 + 2 = 5
16 Nov 2022 20 4
What do you get when you cross: A rapidly spreading crypto-money-laundering scandal — the scale of which makes HSBC accepting cartel money look like child’s play The titans of Big Government, Big Fina...
History Repeats: Gleiwitz Incident vs Poland Missile Strike
16 Nov 2022 15 1
Before the Fact Checkers™️ and revisionist historians get on this one: The German invasion of Poland on September 1st, 1939 marks the official start date of World War II. Why did Germany invade Poland...

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