FinTech Law TL;DR

FinTech TL;DR
FinTech Law TL;DR
Created 10 Nov 2020
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (April 5)
    05 Apr 2022
    Hi all 👋 I spent last week working IRL at Lithic’s NYC office and had a blast! I forgot how energizing it can be to riff on ideas in person… including all the office buzz when we announced the launch...
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (March 21)
    21 Mar 2022 1 0
    Hi folks 👋 A few intro updates: First, some fun of Lithic news: (1) we just announced a partnership with Mastercard on their upcoming BNPL offering, and (2) I’m excited about our new CFO! Second, I h...
  • Fintech Law TL;DR (March 10)
    10 Mar 2022 2 0
    Hi all 👋 Know any great risk strategists or engineers? Send ‘em Lithic’s way! This is a longer one, so if your email clips, click here to read in browser. Ukraine It’s great to see the financial syst...
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (Feb 21)
    21 Feb 2022 2 0
    Heyo 👋 Lithic is looking for a Head of Sales and Account Exec – send good people our way! Hope your Valentine’s Day wasn’t filled with love letters from the CFPB. Reggie @ReggieCYoung Roses are red, ...
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (Feb 7)
    07 Feb 2022 2 0
    Hi all 👋 First, I joined David Ikenna (of Ponto and If:Then) on his podcast to talk about making this newsletter, in-house life, and probably my best idea yet for a movie script. You can listen on Sp...
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (Jan 24)
    24 Jan 2022 1 0
    Hi all 👋 First, I’m super excited to say I joined Lithic last week! 🎉 If you’re not familiar, I highly recommend reading this Not Boring post on the company. After only a week at Lithic, all I can s...
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (Jan 10)
    10 Jan 2022
    Hi all 👋, January has been fairly quiet on the FinTech regulatory front but, whew, the last few weeks of December were, uhh, busy. There’s a lot we could dig into, so I’m saving a few items for later...
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (Dec 14)
    14 Dec 2021
    Guess who’s back 🎵 back again 🎶 Didn’t have the time for this newsletter given some big work and personal projects going on, but it feels good to be back! I’m off on vacation the next two weeks, so ...
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (Oct 17)
    17 Oct 2021 2 0
    Hi all 👋 Before we dive in, the legal and compliance teams at BlueVine are growing, growing, growing — come work with me! We’re looking for a corporate director, product marketing counsel, BSA manage...
  • FinTech Law TL;DR (Oct 4)
    05 Oct 2021 1 0
    Hi all 👋 First, a correction from the last edition: I originally included discussion of a recent TX ruling around the CFPB’s 2017 payday lending rule. That recent ruling was focused on the “payments ...
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