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Created 24 Feb 2021
  • Sadder Things
    05 Jul 2022about 21 hours ago 77 101
    Here on Planet Nerd, where the kind of people dramatized on Stranger Things hold a position of utter dominance over our popular culture, it feels genuinely subversive to say: I don’t like Stranger Thi...
  • Here Are My Actual Dumb Opinions
    04 Jul 2022 184 166
    One thing I realized very early on is that when you become even a very minor internet celebrity, as I surely am, there is essentially another you that lives in the collective minds of others and which...
  • Digest, 7/3/2022: Independence Daze
    03 Jul 2022 19 5
    Assyrian relief, Winged Genie, circa ~850 BC, Brooklyn Museum This Week’s Posts Freddie deBoer The Time for Leftist Extralegal Action Has Finally Come For a long time I’ve been dismissive of people ca...
  • My Brief Brief Against "Mental Illness is Just Capitalism, Man, the System"
    02 Jul 2022 283 109
    Someday I will do this long-form and with a lot of sources and such, but I’m writing at the moment out of considerable annoyance. In short, I am so sick and tired of being told by leftists that our me...
  • Trying Sex Crimes in the Court of Public Opinion Was Never a Good Idea
    01 Jul 2022 131 240
    The progressive social movement trap is this. A progressive social movement fails to achieve its goals. People who criticize that movement for failing to achieve its goals are accused of opposing the ...
  • How to Sell a Shark Book
    30 Jun 2022 141 166
    my Ikea shark asks to be excluded from the narrative Hello friends, a favorite writer of mine named Phoebe Maltz Bovy has recently shifted to freelancing, so I reached out about writing for me here. S...
  • Short Story Club Postponed
    29 Jun 2022 19 5
    Hey guys, I’m afraid I won’t have the short story club post for “The Open Boat” up today after all. No mystery here - I’m currently at a stage where keeping my left arm in a position to type still ach...
  • Review: Electric Wizards: A Tapestry of Heavy Music 1968 to Present, by JR Moores
    28 Jun 2022 64 121
    Hey guys, tomorrow afternoon in the Book Club section we’ll be discussing “The Open Boat,” Steven Crane’s classic short story. If you aren’t subscribed to the Book Club section this email won’t arrive...
  • The Time for Leftist Extralegal Action Has Finally Come
    27 Jun 2022 256 556
    For a long time I’ve been dismissive of people calling for illegal or violent actions in the pursuit of left-wing causes, mostly because they deserve to be dismissed. The violence that attended some B...
  • Digest, 6/16/2022: Dead Arm
    26 Jun 2022 42 19
    John Dyer Baizler, of the mighty Baroness After getting back on meds permanently, I knew that being really cut was no longer in the cards for me, so I put my energies into getting big. And that worked...
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