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Created 27 Sep 2021
  • Highland Park.
    05 Jul 2022about 19 hours ago 2 1
    To get to Highland Park from my house you drive north on I-95 until it turns into Illinois 41 by the Botanic Gardens and then go a few miles more. Highland Park is where Ravinia is, summer home of the...
  • NEA meets in person this year. In Chicago.
    04 Jul 2022
    The National Education Association is the largest union in the United States. Between the American Federation of Teachers and the NEA there are more than 4 million education workers, from classroom te...
  • Abortion rights and Starbucks.
    03 Jul 2022 0 2
    In the days before the illegitimate Supreme Court’s counter revolution, back when we had Roe but did not yet same sex marriage rights, our union local was bargaining a new contract. Among our demands ...
  • A steelworker, a teacher, a dog and the Fourth of July.
    02 Jul 2022
    This year the Supreme Court really knows how to kill a celebration. I have always had mixed emotions about the Fourth. Never more so than this year. Our dog, Ulysses, has always had a hard time with i...
  • The Court rules against the planet.
    01 Jul 2022 1 0
    I can’t imagine we will look back on this past week and think it went well. The week was bracketed by terrible Supreme Court rulings. The Court denied women full citizenship early in the week and then...
  • Escalating global tensions. I want peace for my grandchildren.
    30 Jun 2022 0 2
    My granddaughter is back home and working for the summer before going back to college for her junior year. My grandson just graduated middle school and is going to high school in the fall. We are luck...
  • The morning after.
    29 Jun 2022 2 1
    I was glued to the January 6th show yesterday. As my daughter posted on Facebook yesterday, it was pretty juicy stuff. Thanks to the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson we got to hear not only about Trump...
  • Biden fiddles while women die.
    28 Jun 2022 2 0
    If the Democrats nominate Joe Biden for president in 2024 they’re nuts. Nothing demonstrates this more than his response to the Supreme Court’s recent rulings, from separation of church and state, to ...
  • Republican and Democratic Party plans to privatize Medicare.
    27 Jun 2022 0 3
    Medicare as it was intended is under threat by both Republicans and Democrats. You might say that Republicans are for getting rid of it through the front door. Democrats are moving to privatize it thr...
  • Biden picks opponent of Social Security to oversee Social Security.
    26 Jun 2022 0 1
    It’s almost as if Biden wants to lose the midterms and hand 2024 over to Trump or a Trump clone. His plan for Medicare, to move recipients all to a privatized system by the end of the decade, is sure ...
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