Fully Fifty-fifty: Flappers & Feminism

Claire S Duffy
If you think Hollywood always was a boys' club... you need to read this newsletter.
Created 06 Sep 2021
  • Indomitable Will and Dangerous Temper
    25 Mar 2022 2 0
    In many ways, I could tell you the story of June Mathis, and be done with this project, because she sums it all up. She was a powerhouse of early Hollywood, credited with writing the screenplays of 11...
  • Announcement
    04 Mar 2022 3 0
    Hello! Firstly, an apology - I fully intended to send this message out earlier in the week, and then… well, events transpired and suddenly it is Friday! A bit of a change around here: this newsletter ...
  • When did movies become for the boys?
    25 Feb 2022 2 0
    I was thinking this morning about just how famous Greta Garbo was. I can’t think of anyone today who even comes close to her living icon status. The closest I can come up with is Marylin Monroe and Au...
  • The Feminine Influence is Needed in Films
    18 Feb 2022 3 0
    I’ve mentioned director Lois Weber in passing a couple of times, but let’s get properly into her. Unlike Mabel Normand or Anita Loos, she probably wouldn’t make the list for my dream 1920s girls’ nigh...
  • Mabel on the Stand
    11 Feb 2022 2 0
    We have a delicious He Did and He Didn’t week kicking off in March (premium only, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out!). When we left her last week, Mabel was very much still a major ...
  • Did Mabel Normand kill Bill Taylor?
    04 Feb 2022 3 0
    The misogyny of a Hollywood murder: Part One One hundred years ago this week, director William Desmond Taylor was murdered in his home. To this day, the killer has never been identified. Mabel Normand...
  • Every time there is a shooting scrape in the movie colony
    28 Jan 2022 1 0
    William Desmond Taylor, world’s greatest director, British Army captain, art connoisseur, traveller, dilettante, divorcée, bon vivant, occultist, et cetera, et cetera, as well as sole proprietor of th...
  • The Lady of the Shadows...
    21 Jan 2022 2 0
    Julia Crawford Ivers is a bit of an enigma and I love it. Blink and you’ll miss her Wikipedia bio. It mentions that her sister Grace died at age 14, but omits that she was the first female head of a s...
  • The Screen's Great Lover- The Screen's Great Vampire- One Great Picture...
    14 Jan 2022 3 0
    Fully Fifty-Fifty: Flappers & Feminism is a newsletter dedicated to the pioneering female filmmakers of the dawn of Hollywood. If you value it, please consider becoming a subscriber! Hello! Flesh and ...
  • “I saw Hollywood born and I’ve seen it die”
    07 Jan 2022 2 0
    Happy new year lovely folks! I had an odd but ultimately lovely festive season of two halves: the first week was spent in isolation with Covid (mild cold, booster for the win!). I went with a Lockdown...
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