The Drive Home with Gabriel Rutledge

Gabriel Rutledge
Gabriel Rutledge is a stand up comedian and author of the books "Happiness Isn't Funny: True Stories of a Road Comic" and "There's No F@!*ing Way You're Getting A Pony.” He also has a podcast called "The Drive Home with Gabriel Rutledge."
Created 03 Sep 2021
  • One Punch
    23 Jun 2022
    Gabriel talks Comedy, Cage fighting, and Type 1 Diabetes with Greg “The Hammer” Beachler Greg’s Instagram Greg’s Cage Fight Victory
  • Blueberry Pancakes
    16 Jun 2022
    Gabe talks about one of the wildest shows he’s ever done and gives his unqualified and unasked for opinion on a variety of other topics. Go Spartans. T-shirt and signed book store https://gabrielrutle...
  • Sweater Gabe
    09 Jun 2022
    Look Mom. A walrus is wearing a hoodie.
  • 8 Is The New 6
    02 Jun 2022
    Reno changes a man. Link to t-shirt and signed book store
  • Dog Manager
    26 May 2022
    My comedy is not for dogs Subscribe now
  • Surly Coffee
    19 May 2022
    Gabriel contemplates starting a new life in Wilsonville Oregon
  • Pull Out Calendar
    12 May 2022
    Gabriel does some shows in “scream the name of your town” Oregon
  • Meatloaf Pants
    05 May 2022
    Vegas is different in the morning
  • Spinning Plates
    28 Apr 2022
    Gabriel isn’t high but has some 4/20 thoughts anyway.
  • PG 13
    21 Apr 2022
    Gabriel drives home from a gig where he made some mistakes.
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