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Created 30 Apr 2019
  • "Hamlet' is actually about doomscrolling
    10 Jun 2022 9 0
    An Intense Feeling Of Ephemerality For no reason at all I’ve spent the last couple days memorizing Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy. I’m not an actor or a performer, I’m not auditioning for any...
  • "Anti-crypto media personality"
    08 Jun 2022 35 2
    Web3 Being Not Very Good Is Not A Conspiracy Sriram Krishnan - sriramk.eth @sriramk One interesting vibe shift is the rise of the 'anti-crypto media personality'. Folks who do the podcast/press/TV hit...
  • The "Shrek"/"Bee Movie" Dichotomy
    06 Jun 2022 27 3
    I Hope The Summer Of Morbius Never Ends Sony rereleased Morbius over the weekend, following weeks of “It’s Morbin’ time” memes spreading across the internet. They even got the movie’s star, Jared Leto...
  • You don't need a house in the metaverse
    03 Jun 2022 11 5
    Yes, Metaverse Real Estate Will Be A Big Deal, But It Won’t Work Like Physical Real Estate I recently got myself an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. And, yesterday, I attempted to meet a friend in VRChat, t...
  • "The buzzsaw of fandom"
    01 Jun 2022 37 5
    At What Point Do We Give Up On Star Wars Fans? Earlier this week, Moses Ingram, a black actor who plays the character Reva in the new Disney+ show Obi-Wan Kenobi, shared, in an Instagram story, screen...
  • Happy Memorbial Day
    30 May 2022 23 2
    Hey there! A quick thing before we get into today’s garbage. I try and balance the actual business of Garbage Day with paid subscriptions that don’t break the bank and a couple ads a week because I wa...
  • Every generation gets the Dimes Square they deserve
    27 May 2022 40 2
    Today is kind of a big deal. I’m doing a split newsletter with a publication I have absolutely adored for years — The Daily Dot — and I’m sort of freaking out about it. The Daily Dot has been such an ...
  • A Superwholock for every news cycle
    25 May 2022 53 6
    Everything Is Fandom Around 2010, social media sites began to realize that if they wanted to avoid dying out like Myspace, they needed ways to keep people on their platforms longer. And, so, sites lik...
  • Bitcoin isn't populist
    23 May 2022 35 1
    Why Can’t The Line Just Go Back Up? The last “crypto winter” was in 2018. Per Coindesk, Bitcoin’s value dropped almost 90% and really didn’t properly recover until the massive rally that started in 20...
  • Thousands of dollars for hundreds of shares
    20 May 2022 23 4
    What Is A Facebook Ad Worth? VICE has a great story out this week that was published in collaboration with The Citizens, a public service journalism nonprofit. The article reports that Ben Shapiro’s r...
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