Garbage Day

Ryan Broderick
A newsletter about having fun online by Ryan Broderick.
Created 30 Apr 2019
  • Monkey JPG real estate
    02 May 2022
    Yuga Labs Sells… Something? People might still be buying and selling NFTs at an extraordinary rate — January was NFT marketplace OpenSea’s best month ever — but it does feel as if the initial buzz has...
  • The bad man pipeline is confusing
    29 Apr 2022 26 1
    The Long, Strange Journey Of Sinfest (Tatsuya Ishida) If you’ve never heard of the comic Sinfest, congrats, you aren’t as hopelessly online as you may have previously thought. The comic is written and...
  • Some people need to lighten up. It’s Twitter!
    27 Apr 2022 29 2
    Containment Breach The announcement of Elon Musk’s imminent purchase of Twitter this week kicked off yet another round of tweets from users threatening to move to Tumblr. Which then kicked off another...
  • All the bad people found each other online
    25 Apr 2022 27 2
    I’m doing another live show in NYC this week! It’s on April 30th and we’re collaborating with Mark Vigeant and Sam Reece’s Internet Explorers to do a big night of internet culture “comedy”. We have so...
  • Internet fame is a black hole
    22 Apr 2022 29 1
    Hi there! Last night’s Garbage Day meetup in Brooklyn was amazing. Thank you all for attending. It was super cool to match faces with screen names and email addresses. Let me know if Garbage Day shoul...
  • This AI will tell you if you're being a jerk
    20 Apr 2022 21 2
    Last reminder!! Tomorrow, voting ends for the Webbys. It’s been a crazy shock to get this far in all of this and if you haven’t voted for Garbage Day in either category, it would extraordinarily cool ...
  • We can all agree the internet could be better
    18 Apr 2022 32 2
    Only few more days to vote for Garbage Day for a Webby! If you feel like voting for me, you can do that here or here (or both!). The voting ends on Thursday! Speaking of Thursday, there’s a Garbage Da...
  • No one wants to watch your ape show
    15 Apr 2022 31 1
    Fandom Will Not Be Tokenized Thanks to a screenshot I saw on Twitter the other night, I, unfortunately, decided to check out the recent Verge interview with a16z crypto lead investor and Web3 booster ...
  • CNN+ is worth 0.143 of a Quibi
    13 Apr 2022 27 5
    Garbage Day is in the running for two Webby Awards! It would be very cool to win one, though, if I don’t, you better believe I’ll be calling this a “Webby-nominated newsletter” until the end of time. ...
  • Twitter executives finally met the average user
    11 Apr 2022 12 1
    My last Miami dad-dispatch is at the bottom of today’s issue! It’s for paying subscribers only and I want to thank everyone who has been following our father-son journey into the dark heart of crypto....
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