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Created 30 Apr 2019

Please don't cyberbully the rich

28 Nov 2022 56 5
Another Twitter Replacement Receives Some Scrutiny If you’re having trouble keeping up with all the Twitter “replacements,” there are essentially three to pay attention to at the moment. First, there’...

Oh look, it’s the consequences of your actions

26 Nov 2022 16 3
Welcome to Garbage Weekend. It’s the internet garbage you know and love, but in a format that’s easier to read while you try and decide if your body can handle a third day of eating turkey. (TikTok/@f...

All eyes on Tumblr

25 Nov 2022 41 1
The Continuing Viral Power Of Goncharov Ryan wrote about Goncharov, Tumblr’s fever-dream Scorsese movie, in Monday’s newsletter, but since then there’s been an absolute explosion in press coverage — i...

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