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Garrison Keillor
This newsletter will include observational humor, gratitude, small doses of advice, memories of heroic persons I knew up close, reminiscence about ordinary life back before Twitter and thoughts about American life and other pleasures.
Created 20 Feb 2021
  • Post to the Host
    04 Jul 2022
    Garrison, I recently saw you on the news somewhere, and it reminded me to write this note saying that I never did believe what MPR alleged about you. Shame on them. I sure miss you on Saturdays! A fel...
  • News from June 27, 1981
    03 Jul 2022 15 1
    June 27, 1981 The actual news from Lake Wobegon sometimes takes a while to slip out. It appears quiet, but conversations that take place down the road uncover some pretty substantial “News.” One such ...
  • BR: Hard Times
    02 Jul 2022 28 6
    Let us pause in life’s pleasures and count its many tears, While the wolves are panting at our door. We’ve supported you children for almost thirty years, We will pay your allowances no more. Read m...
  • A Wednesday drive in the old neighborhood
    01 Jul 2022 62 36
    Another perfect summer and despite all there is to be forlorn about, I feel the same mindless happiness I remember from when I was 20 and running around Minneapolis in a red Mustang with a girl named ...
  • Talking on the phone to Joyce and rejoicing
    29 Jun 2022 127 22
    We sat in the sun and played Scrabble Monday and a few minutes later a vulgar four-letter profanity appeared on my letter rack that I could’ve played for 47 points and did not. I just wasn’t in the mo...
  • Here're your orders: make something beautiful
    27 Jun 2022 246 135
    I woke up this morning and my good woman wasn’t gone, she was asleep beside me, I didn’t feel an aching in my head, no blues around my bed. I made coffee, it tasted fine, not like turpentine. I could ...
  • America is missing a holiday maybe
    24 Jun 2022 54 44
    It’s over and gone, but every Midsummer Day I remember the dinner at Hanne and Ole’s farm in Denmark back in 1989 when fifty of us sat in a meadow at long tables with white cloths and good china for a...
  • BIG NEWS! - Livestream Access will be available
    23 Jun 2022 50 7
    Yes, yes, yes, we want you to attend Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion American Revival and experience the magic of the Ryman Auditorium in person. But we also will be presenting this show a...
  • A weekend in the wilds of Connecticut
    22 Jun 2022 461 98
    I have seen some of the future lately and I must admit it’s very appealing to me. My wife drives through Connecticut, a woman’s voice in the dashboard directing her along a twisting route through smal...
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