Glenn Loury

Glenn Loury
Race and inequality in US and throughout the world. By the first Black professor of economics to get tenure at Harvard, now at Brown.
Created 10 Jan 2021
  • Comedy and Cancellation
    05 Apr 2022 36 14
    In previous episodes of The Glenn Show, I’ve made the distinction between uttering a word and using a word. This distinction often crops up in discussions about the N-word, where we regularly see peop...
  • March Q&A
    05 Apr 2022 18 40
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  • TGS Live at the Comedy Cellar
    04 Apr 2022 24 28
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  • Glenn vs. Hitch
    03 Apr 2022 45 26
    Back in November 2001, I was invited by Boston University—where I was a professor of economics and ran the Institute on Race and Social Division—to participate in a debate on the question of reparatio...
  • Peak Woke and "The Slap Heard Around the World"
    31 Mar 2022 91 107
    It’s virtually impossible to escape talk about the incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith at Sunday’s Oscars. Rock told a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, from the stage. Will Smith go...
  • Setting the Record Straight on Social Credit
    30 Mar 2022 29 20
    In a recently posted animated experiment, Glenn and I touched on China’s Social Credit System. After we discussed the explainability of AI algorithms, we had the following (unplanned) exchange: GL: So...
  • In Defense of Charles Murray
    29 Mar 2022 56 63
    Maybe you don’t agree with Charles Murray’s views about differences in human ability laid out in Human Diversity. Maybe you don’t agree with his analysis of the legacy of the Great Society laid out in...
  • Sam Harris – Matters of Race, Matters of Mind
    28 Mar 2022 30 39
    This week I welcome Sam Harris to TGS. Sam is a neuroscientist and philosopher, the host of the podcast Making Sense, and the proprietor of the meditation app Waking Up. He’s a searching, truly open-m...
  • March Q&A
    28 Mar 2022 10 113
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  • AI News from China
    27 Mar 2022 29 22
    The latest experiment at The Glenn Show has three points of origin: First, ever since I made the show’s logo, I’ve wanted to animate it. Second, our team has been thinking about a project with the wor...
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