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Created 25 May 2020
  • The butterfly revolution
    07 Apr 2022 9 0
    In early 2022, the Trump machine has become a kind of weird regime in exile. Is this strange organism learning? Maybe sort of, though so are its enemies. Item: in brazen defiance of the historic prece...
  • Posts and notices
    07 Apr 2022 15 8
    Tablet posted an essay by me and one about me. Also, I got engaged. Comments are open on the last post.
  • Optimal autonomous organizations
    26 Mar 2022 108 10
    In 2022, the distributed autonomous organization is sort of a thing. DAOs exist. They are not a joke. But we can hardly say they are mature. The 2022 DAO standard design has not been ruthlessly optimi...
  • The parent coup
    13 Mar 2022 112 0
    Politics is limited war, and there is a simple standard for the success of any action in war. Does that action leave the actor’s relative position stronger, or weaker? The story of war is the story of...
  • Passage Prize and Malice
    10 Mar 2022 58 18
    I posted the Passage Prize (poetry contest) winners on Imperial Melodies. I have a podcast up with Michael Malice. (I visited Malice, in fact, in Austin. We did… questionable things. Monsieur Malice i...
  • Enjoying your Russian civil war
    07 Mar 2022 322 17
    Some commentators claim that America’s new civil war in the Ukraine has already generated the best war footage ever. So far as I can tell, this is a mad overstatement. Of course, the war isn’t over ye...
  • We do a little livestreaming
    03 Mar 2022 62 0
    With Ed Dutton, at 3pm EST (New York time) today March 3, at this YouTube link. Please bear in mind that the livestream link will be taken down after the show—but the clip will be reposted.
  • Me and Alex Jones
    01 Mar 2022 171 0
    Yes, I went on Infowars. You don’t have to like it. Also, I’ve opened comments on the Canadian truckers…
  • Austin office hours, 2/26 and 2/27
    24 Feb 2022 27 0
    I’m doing open office hours in Austin TX on Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th. Paid subscribers are more than welcome to sign up—first come, first served. Just come and chat. I’ve enabled delayed ...
  • Saint-Just and the Canadian truckers
    24 Feb 2022 166 30
    “He who makes half a revolution digs his own grave,” said Saint-Just. Well… it was a different time. We have not seen many half-revolutions (revolutions, like Bourbons, are measured in proof; a half-r...
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