Maybe Baby

Haley Nahman
Chipping away at the inscrutability of modern life, popular culture, and how we feel about both.
Created 16 Mar 2020
  • 🎧 Dear Danny: Will being beautiful help me as an artist?
    28 Jun 20221 day ago 26 12
    Hey, New episode of Dear Danny for you: a loooooong answer about what it means to fret obsessively over your appearance, an ironically roundabout answer (ft. two unrelated stories) about how to be a b...
  • #105: Dear Baby: On regret, baby talk, and beauty anxiety
    26 Jun 2022 42 6
    Good morning and welcome back to Dear Baby, Today I’ll be answering three reader questions about the following things: how to move forward in your life when you don’t know yourself that well yet, how ...
  • 15 things I consumed this week
    24 Jun 2022 87 22
    Hellooo, Extremely bleak news this morning. We need a new word for being horrified and not surprised at the same time, but specifically regarding America. Found the below thread helpful. Also will be ...
  • 🎧 Voice Note: Escape the planning phase
    21 Jun 2022 18 4
    Hey! Have another Voice Note for you this week, this time about the tyranny of anticipation (when the thing you’re looking forward to may be hard) and what happens when you get a little too attached t...
  • #104: On Red Scare, finding writing inspiration, and America’s hero fetish
    19 Jun 2022 113 0
    Good morning! This week I decided to respond to three reader-supplied prompts instead of writing about one topic. At my old media job, my coworkers and I used to joke that half our story ideas were “t...
  • 15 things I consumed this week
    17 Jun 2022 82 103
    Hey! Bit hungover today which is the price I pay for attending the Drift party last night. Don’t be fooled on Twitter btw—attending the Drift party isn’t a brag. Anyone can go! Half the people in atte...
  • 🎧 Voice Note: An unlikely sign of confidence
    14 Jun 2022 30 12
    Hey! Have a Voice Note for you today about confidence. It’s not a pep talk, more of an observation about what makes someone seem mature and confident to me and what makes them seem insecure and naive ...
  • #103: Season of envy
    12 Jun 2022 124 0
    Good morning! The mood in New York right now is joy shot through with anxiety. Everyone out, long lines, texts about what to do. I’d say it’s covid-related, but I think it’s more of an evergreen June ...
  • 15 things I consumed this week
    10 Jun 2022 36 43
    Good morning, This felt like the first real week of summer in New York and it’s a very sweet energy outside honestly. Read more
  • 🎧 Dear Danny: Will I have bad sex forever?
    07 Jun 2022 42 17
    Hey everyone, Dear Danny is here! Five questions on the docket today, covering bad sex, platonic friendship when attraction is in play, weird ex stuff, heartbreak and aging, and the ins and outs of co...
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