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Created 31 Aug 2020
  • Top breakdowns of 2021
    31 Dec 2021 • < 1 min read
    Thank you. I cannot thank all of you enough for reading, subscribing, sharing, and supporting what I do. 2021 was a great year for me to learn, grow and continue to dive into the X’s & O’s of basketba...
  • Why was Draymond Green guarding Chris Paul?
    26 Dec 2021 • 3 min read • 7 6
    Draymond Green has been guarding Chris Paul in the Warriors vs Suns matchups, perhaps a preview of the Western Conference Finals. This is not as crazy as it initially appeared or sounds - there are 2 ...
  • Does aggressive ballscreen defense work in the NBA?
    24 Dec 2021 • < 1 min read • 2 2
    When Chauncey Billups took over the PortlandTrailblazers this season he made a change in their defensive philosophy to go away from the drop coverage with Nurkic and play a more aggressive style of ba...
  • Utah Jazz Pick & Roll Attack vs Trailblazers Hedging
    23 Dec 2021 • < 1 min read • 0 4
    Tomorrow I have a breakdown of aggressive defense and it’s place in the modern NBA, and along the way I watched the Jazz completely destroy the Trailblazers hedging scheme. I used this for a film sess...
  • Brad Stevens "Winner" Set
    06 Dec 2021 • 3 min read • 1 0
    Brad Stevens “Winner” set has been one of the best sets at the end of games for not only his teams at Butler & Boston and is now being used and tweaked by almost every coach in every league. In this b...
  • Warriors/Suns Live Stream!
    30 Nov 2021 • < 1 min read • 1 3
    Update: I will be turning this into a breakdown - running into some issues currently. I am going to do a live stream for the Warriors/Suns game tonight. I will start it up around 10 minutes before the...
  • Film Room: Favorite Sets From The Early Season
    23 Nov 2021 • 1 min read • 4 0
    In the early NBA & NCAA season, I have seen a ton of sets that have caught my eye and wanted to break down some clever actions that I have really enjoyed. It can be tough finding great new actions but...
  • The Chicago Bulls are running 5-Out without shooting 3's
    14 Nov 2021 • 1 min read • 5 0
    When Billy Donovan joined the Chicago Bulls last season he ran some 5-Out offensive action but overall the roster was not built to run 5-Out until the trade for Vucevic occurred. Then the Chicago Bull...
  • NBA 5-Out Offense: Delay
    29 Oct 2021 • 1 min read • 5 4
    The next evolution of our 5-Out NBA Offense study is the basic setup of 5-Out and allow players to read and react with the ball entered to a player (typically a big) in the middle of the floor. Starti...
  • When Plays Don't Work: Timing & Design
    27 Oct 2021 • 3 min read • 7 10
    The New York Knicks ran a normal “Chin” set against the 76ers that resulted in a contested step-back long 2 - basically the worst shot in the NBA unless your name is Kevin Durant. In this breakdown, w...
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